Kudos from the Cath Lab: Volume 1

ASM Aetna Paramedics operate LifePak 15 cardiac-monitors
ASM and Aetna Paramedics operate LifePak-15 cardiac monitors

(Content that follows is excerpted from an email from the Hartford Hospital cardiac team…)

STRONG team work.

Kudos continue – to the Cath Lab/ED/EMS team. This patient was brought by ASM who transmitted ECG and activated the team pre-hospitaly (STEMI). The patient was taken straight to the Cath Lab after a quick triage in the emergency department (without any STOP at the [critical care pod]).

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the help I had in room D last night and hope you can pass that on to all who helped. Everyone pitched in on a patient who we knew little about. We only learned her name as the paramedics pulled into room D with her, blue and gasping for air. There were so many people helping, I’ll probably miss some names, but I remember that Alex, Shawn, Dawn, Linda and Joy were involved at the beginning. I will make sure that the entire team knows that their contributions were appreciated.”

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