Praise from Hartford Fire Department

Hartford Fire Department - Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc.Hartford Fire Department

Department of Fire Service, Engine 8

March XX, 2013

To: Edward Casares, Jr., Chief of Department

Occasionally an email is sent out by the Department asking if members performed exceptionally well at an incident. Today E-8 has such an event. So I would like to advise you of it as well as let you know that the medics themselves arrived to quarters to express their gratitude for our assistance.

The call was for an unresponsive patient. FireHouse documents the particular actions taken. But in essence: E-8 was first on scene, confirmed pulselessness and no respirations, full CPR w/ BVM begun, then assisted Aetna units as they started ALS care. Our collaborative efforts produced a heart rhythm and blood pressure, [Hospital] received the patient, and [he/she] is admitted.

I would like to express my gratitude to the members of Aetna Unit 226: Mike Glazier, EMT, and Sean Piscopiello, Paramedic. As well as the EMTs of the second Aetna unit: Terry Perry, EMT and Ryan Houser, EMT.

Respectfully submitted,

Engine 8, C Tour

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