Who Sets the Rates and Charges for the Ambulance Service?

Paramedic Intercept ASM Aetna AmbulanceHARTFORD — A recent patient satisfaction survey received by Aetna Ambulance Service was full of praise for the crew and care received, but the patient had a question about the cost of services: Who sets the rates the ambulance service charges for transport or paramedic services? 

Aetna and ASM are licensed Connecticut ambulance services. As such, our companies are regulated by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH). The rates for each individual service category are issued to us by DPH and we do not have the discretion to set our own rates or billing categories or make any changes. The bills that are issued to patients for services rendered are produced with these set rates and cannot be higher.

Occasionally when bills are received at a patient’s residence it is because we did not have insurance information at the time of the transport or because we require the patient’s signature in order to bill an insurance company or Medicare. If you think this may be the case, please call (860) 647-9798. More billing FAQs can be found by clicking here…

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