ASM in ‘Run or Dye’ 5k, Most Interesting Ambulance Crew in the World

HARTFORD — On July 20, 2013 a team from the Ambulance Service of Manchester participated in a Run or Dye event in Hartford.

According to their website, “Run or Dye is the world’s most colorful 5K, is a recreational 5K that celebrates fitness, friendship and fun while blasting participants with safe, eco-friendly, plant-based dye powder. A leader in the fitness literacy movement, Run or Dye’s mission is to encourage better health, fitness and nutrition decisions among its participants and supporters. With races planned in more than 50 high-profile venues across the country, it is expected that more than 500,000 people will Run or Dye in 2013.”

A picture of Team ASM after the event appeared on the Facebook page “The Most Interesting Ambulance Crew in the World”.

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