ASM’s Alpha Five: Volume 7: David White

Dave White AJohnson Medic Dave White describes his career path.
I grew up in the small town of Sterling and graduated Plainfield High School in 1998.   I joined the Connecticut Army National Guard in 1997, went to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood and went to Fort Eustis VA for ten months of aircraft avionics school.  I spent the next five years going to drills and traveling throughout the country for training.  I left the Guard six months before my unit was sent to Iraq. 

When I returned home in 1998 I joined Sterling Fire Department and went to Fire Fighter-I school and Medical Response Technician training.  I felt a greater connection to EMS.  I joined two of the local EMS departments; K-B Ambulance and Moosup-Plainfield Ambulance in 1999.  I took an MRT to EMT-B bridge class and became Moosup-Plainfield Ambulance’s training officer shortly after I became an EMT-B.    I remained active in both departments for the next three years until I moved out of the area. I was hired at ASM in March of 2002 and worked as an EMT-B and Dispatcher for the next two years. I started Paramedic school and returned to working only the road while I attended Hartford Hospital’s paramedic program.  For the next 16 months I worked hard and finished first in my class.

In 2005 I became a paramedic and started precepting with Bob O’Neil as my primary preceptor and with Don Hart.  After I was cleared and on my own as a paramedic I was lucky to be one of the first full time Paramedics to work out of ASM’s Johnson Memorial Medical Center office. Since 2007 I have been one of the two main night paramedics who work at out the JMH office. I have been lucky to work with two main partners Alan Pardi EMT-I and Ray Philbrick EMT-B.  I am privileged to also work for two other area Paramedic-level EMS services. Over the last few years I have starting taking Critical Care classes and plan to take a CCEMT-P course and obtain my FP-C in the next two years.

I bought my home in 2009 in the Town of Vernon.  I live there with my girlfriend Stephanie and her six year-old daughter Victoria.  We have a puppy named Hallie, who is part golden Retriever and Tennessee Mountain Kur, and a cat.  I love to travel and I have been to Thailand, England, France, Mexico and many island in the Caribbean.

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