ASM’s Alpha Five: Volume 8: Praise for Dave White

Dave White A

ASM’s Dave White

SOMERS — In February 2015 ASM received a letter from Somers Fire Department President Timothy Percoski praising and thanking Dave White, one of ASM’s Johnson Medics, for his service to the Department and the area. ASM’s Johnson Medic, also known as Alpha 5, works in partnership with Somers Fire Department, Stafford Ambulance and is stationed at Johnson Memorial Medical Center.

Among the two page letter, President Percoski praises Dave’s commitment and his presentation at a January drill. “Dave accepted this opportunity enthusiastically, and was eager to help not only the members in Somers, but his colleagues out of ASM….Every single member of our group had a takeaway from the training, as was shared with me after the fact by our members.”

Somers Fire DepartmentFurther, “His presentation was that of partnership and camaraderie, and that was arguably the greatest takeaway of the night. Dave White is a great asset, not only to ASM, but also to the Somers Fire Department and the people of Somers that he aids when needed.”

On behalf of ASM, we are enormously proud of Dave and all of our Johnson Medics and of our longstanding partnership with Somers Fire Department and its dedicated and talented staff. 

ASM’s Alpha Five: Volume 7: David White

Dave White AJohnson Medic Dave White describes his career path.
I grew up in the small town of Sterling and graduated Plainfield High School in 1998.   I joined the Connecticut Army National Guard in 1997, went to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood and went to Fort Eustis VA for ten months of aircraft avionics school.  I spent the next five years going to drills and traveling throughout the country for training.  I left the Guard six months before my unit was sent to Iraq. 

When I returned home in 1998 I joined Sterling Fire Department and went to Fire Fighter-I school and Medical Response Technician training.  I felt a greater connection to EMS.  I joined two of the local EMS departments; K-B Ambulance and Moosup-Plainfield Ambulance in 1999.  I took an MRT to EMT-B bridge class and became Moosup-Plainfield Ambulance’s training officer shortly after I became an EMT-B.    I remained active in both departments for the next three years until I moved out of the area. I was hired at ASM in March of 2002 and worked as an EMT-B and Dispatcher for the next two years. I started Paramedic school and returned to working only the road while I attended Hartford Hospital’s paramedic program.  For the next 16 months I worked hard and finished first in my class.

In 2005 I became a paramedic and started precepting with Bob O’Neil as my primary preceptor and with Don Hart.  After I was cleared and on my own as a paramedic I was lucky to be one of the first full time Paramedics to work out of ASM’s Johnson Memorial Medical Center office.  Continue reading

Santa Visits Victim of Fire in Somers

SantaSOMERS — The attached picture is of a mother and daughter who were rescued from a structure fire on December 4, 2013 in a joint effort by several local fire departments and a courageous bystander. ASM’s Johnson Medic (Alpha 5) crew, Don Hart and Ayla Sarles, delivered care with Somers Fire Department once the patients were removed from the building. Read the Patch story here…

Last week Santa arrived to bring them some cheer during a difficult holiday season, courtesy of Somers Fire Department. According to ASM’s Ray Stovall, who took part in the rescue as part of Somers Fire Department, “It was one of the best experiences of my life. The family was so thankful to all involved. Being there restored some faith in humanity. We see so much bad in our jobs that it warmed my heart to see the pure joy on this families face.”

A special note of recognition goes not only to Somers Fire Department but also to Hazardville Fire Department and their Captain Hurley in the rescue of the mother. Ray goes on to say, “As always the Alpha 5 crew did an awesome job on patient care and working with the fire departments on scene.”

ASM’s Alpha Five: Volume 3: Don Hart

STAFFORD SPRINGS — Beth Van Alstyne, Director of Critical Care Services for Johnson Memorial Medical Center in Stafford Springs, wrote a complimentary endorsement for ASM’s Don Hart. Don is a seasoned paramedic and a known fixture at JMMC. He has been stationed on ASM’s Alpha 5 (also known as The Johnson Medic) for several years. Read more about The Johnson Medic here…

ASM's Don Hart at Johnson Memorial Medical Center

ASM's Don Hart at Johnson Memorial Medical Center

Here is an excerpt from Beth’s note: “Don has become an integral part of the JMH ED family!  Everyone throughout the hospital knows Don and even where “Don’s desk” is located in the ED.  He is even a stop on every ED tour!  Don is the epitome of selfless hard work and team spirit.  He is always willing to help out.  He is friendly, courteous and compassionate with all patients and will assist patients and visitors as appropriate. 

As a medic, Don is top notch.  Continue reading

ASM’s Alpha Five: Volume 1: “The Johnson Medic”

Johnson Memorial Medical Center and Ambulance Service of Manchester

Johnson Memorial Medical Center and Ambulance Service of Manchester

STAFFORD SPRINGS —  The Ambulance Service of Manchester’s (ASM) Alpha Five has been stationed at Johnson Memorial Medical Center for over eight years.

This transport-capable paramedic unit was initially stationed there at the request of JMMC in order to secure immediate transport of a certain population of critical patients.

In a short period of time the surrounding towns began calling on Alpha Five to provide “paramedic intercepts” as part of their 911 response and the moniker “The Johnson Medic” soon became commonly used.

Originally the service to the hospital and the towns was provided on a 12 hour (peak hour) basis. Soon the hospital and the surrounding towns realized Continue reading