ASM Earns Praise from ECHN for Winter Storm Alfred Support

ECHN praises Ambulance Service of Manchester for response during Winter Storm AlfredTo show appreciation for the coordinated response to Winter Storm Alfred, Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) placed this ad in the Hartford Courant, Journal Inquirer and The Reminder News.

ASM and Aetna provided significant discharge, inter-facility, specialty care and post-care transportation in the wake of the storm, all while responding to record high 911 volume.

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Kudos from the Cath Lab: Volume 1

ASM Aetna Paramedics operate LifePak 15 cardiac-monitors
ASM and Aetna Paramedics operate LifePak-15 cardiac monitors

(Content that follows is excerpted from an email from the Hartford Hospital cardiac team…)

STRONG team work.

Kudos continue – to the Cath Lab/ED/EMS team. This patient was brought by ASM who transmitted ECG and activated the team pre-hospitaly (STEMI). The patient was taken straight to the Cath Lab after a quick triage in the emergency department (without any STOP at the [critical care pod]). Continue reading

“Advancing Medicine” Incorporates Aetna’s Response to Stroke Care

Advancing Medicine WFSB

An episode of Advancing Medicine on WFSB that aired in September 2011 included shots of Aetna Ambulance Service as part of the continuum of stroke care.

See the WFSB episode on their site here…

Emergency of Hunger Food Drive Yields Fantastic Results

Ambulance Service of Manchester Emergency of Hunger Food Drive
An ASM ambulance, loaded with food, nearing the full mark.

News Release

MANCHESTER  – When the dust settled on the friendly but competitive “Emergency of Hunger Food Drive,” Team Manchester won in the food count, Team Vernon won in cash, checks and gift cards and Team South Windsor won in turkeys.

In total, the three teams collected:

  • 27,000 food items
  • 742 turkeys, and
  • Over $33,000 in cash, checks and gift cards.

Read the Hartford Courant Article here…

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‘The Reminder News’ Profiles Emergency Response to October Storm

Radar impact of Winter Storm Alfred, care of the Weather Channel
Radar impact of Winter Storm Alfred, care of the Weather Channel

Among other services, The Reminder News profiled ASM’s local response during Winter Storm Alfred. The historical damage wrought by a rare October storm was acutely felt by Aetna and ASM as emergency and non-emergency volume soared. Both core locations, Manchester and Hartford, ran on generator power and redundant phone lines. Service was fully restored within several days. Read the article on Winter Storm Alfred and its impact here…

Campion Ambulance Employs New Vehicle Visibility Design

Campion Ambulance Sprinter Visibility Design

Campion Ambulance’s New High Visibility Design

WATERBURY — Following evolving standards in emergency vehicle visibility, a concept known as conspicuity, Campion Ambulance Service of Waterbury has adopted a new design on its Sprinter AmbulancesContinue reading

‘Emergency of Hunger’ asks people to look beyond their own needs

By Martha Marteney – Staff Writer  – Reminder News      

Manchester, South Windsor, Rockville, Vernon – posted Thu., Nov. 10, 2011

Emergency of Hunger Food Drive Wyman Reed Kenny Manchester South Windsor Vernon

(L to R) Chief Matt Reed, LT Governor Nancy Wyman, Chief James Kenny

The third annual “Emergency of Hunger” food drive will be held at certain Stop & Shop locations in the towns of Manchester, South Windsor, Rockville and Vernon on Nov. 19 and 20, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Read more about the Emergency of Hunger Food Drive… Continue reading

Emergency of Hunger Food Drive Profiled in Hartford Courant

David Skoczulek with Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC

ASM’s David Skoczulek with Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman

Read the Hartford Courant article on the Emergency of Hunger Food Drive….

Local emergency and public service agencies will be teaming up again this holiday season to collect food and cash to stock up depleted area food banks and shelters.

Representing their respective towns, teams are made up of police, fire, public works and EMS professionals, employees of Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) and Rotary Club volunteers. Continue reading

Aetna Ambulance Member of Finalist Group for “Team of the Year”

Ambulance Team of the Year Hartford Hospital Aetna Throughput Discharge Planning

The plaque and medal for 2011 Team of the Year finalist were presented by Hartford Healthcare President Elliot Joseph and Hartford Hospital CEO Jeff Flaks at a ceremony at the hospital on November 8th.

HARTFORD – Efficient patient flow and throughput is critical to any hospital’s clinical and financial performance. Late discharge times prevent the timely transition of all Patients and the early identification of available beds, resulting in delays in appropriate Patient placement, increased length of stay, and the inefficient use of resources. To address inefficiencies and possible synergies, Hartford Hospital commissioned the Discharge Planning Action Group (DPAG). Continue reading

Mercedes Ambulances Arrive for Duty at Aetna and ASM

Mercedes Sprinters Ambulance ASM Aetna
Mercedes Benz Sprinters join the ASM-Aetna fleet.

MANCHESTER — Aetna and ASM took delivery of three Mercedes Sprinter Ambulances from American Emergency Vehicles (AEV) on November 4th. This is the first batch of ambulances to arrive in Manchester with the Mercedes badging since Dodge ceased production under their label. To dispel the rumors, the Mercedes version of the Sprinter ambulance is actually several thousand dollars less in original purchase price than the Dodge predecessor. See ASM and Aetna’s Mercedes Sprinters after markings and ready for duty here…

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Hospital for Special Care Presents Philanthropy Award to ASM

Story Courtesy of the Hospital Newspaper

Ivan Lendl Hospital for Special Care Adaptive Sports Wayne Wright
(L to R): Wayne Wright and tennis legend Ivan Lendl

WEST HARTFORD – Hospital for Special Care (HSC) awarded the Ambulance Service of Manchester with its 2011 Corporate Award for Philanthropy in recognition of its generosity to the hospital’s diverse adaptive sports programs for athletes living with disabilities. The award was recently presented to Wayne Wright, President, Manchester Ambulance Service, at the Hospital for Special Care Ivan Lendl Adaptive Sports Camp Awards Luncheon at Saint Joseph College.  Continue reading