ASM and MFRE: Fire Prevention Week Open House

MANCHESTER — From a card received October 24, 2012:

Manchester Fire Rescue EMS - Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC.On behalf of the Fire Department and myself, I would like to thank you and the EMS crews who participated with us during our open house. As a long standing partner and critical component of our EMS [system], it was only appropriate for ASM to be there!

The EMS crews were polite, courteous and professional. They took the time to answer questions, give tours of the ambulance and displayed much of their medical equipment.

Again, I would like to express our gratitude and thanks!


FF Jay Gonzalez

Manchester Fire Rescue EMS (MFRE)

ASM and Manchester 8th Utilities District Team Up to Present “People Who Help”

Fire Prevention Week: People Who HelpMANCHESTER — For the week of October 14-20, ASM and the Manchester Fire Department teamed up to give Fire Prevention and People Who Help presentations at the elementary schools throughout the Eighth District.

In a letter from the Bureau of Fire Prevention of the Manchester Fire Department: 

Fire Prevention Week: People Who HelpThank you for assisting us with our Fire Prevention Week! The kids LOVED seeing the equipment and having the opportunity to walk inside an ambulance. We cannot say thank you enough! I have included in this letter some pictures that you might enjoy.


Your friends,

The Manchester 8th Utilities District Fire Department

Heavy Lifting For Ambulance Crews

Obesity Epidemic Is Changing Emergency Medical Transport

By JESSE LEAVENWORTH, The Hartford Courant

October 20, 2012

Brian Langan Ambulance Service of Manchester

Emergency medical technicians have long shared a Murphy’s Law kind of reckoning about obese patients: for every additional floor in a building, the patient will weigh 100 more pounds.

It’s dark humor among men and women with an often grim, strenuous job, but obesity rates are rising throughout the state and nation, and a recently released report says the ranks of the morbidly obese will continue to balloon.

The task of transporting patients who weigh at least 100 pounds more than they should is now a daily reality in Connecticut and throughout the nation. The job strains ambulance crews, causing widespread back injuries, and piles financial burdens on both volunteer companies and professional providers.

“We’ve always had to deal with big people,” said Glenn Luedtke,safety committee chairman of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, “but nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see someone who’s 300 pounds into the 400-pound range.” Continue reading

Words That Describe Us: Volume 3

Aetna Ambulance - Ambulance Service of ManchesterMANCHESTER and HARTFORD — Aetna Ambulance and ASM send Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of patients who have received emergency or STAT inter-facility services from our companies.

The final question in the survey asks “Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service?” And, “Please use one word to describe us.”

Some of the answers/responses included:

  • “Very capable and understanding considering my complete confusion and surprise as to my incident. Everything was as good and efficient and capable as anyone could hope for or expect.”
  • “Fantastic. Could not ask for any better service. It was perfect.”
  • “Excellent service. I was very pleased with the ambulance service my husband received. I have no complaints.”
  • “Very helpful and reassuring to my personal needs.”
  • Great x 2
  • Excellent x 2
  • Very professional
  • Good
  • Super
  • Competent
  • Outstanding
  • Supportive
  • The best!
  • Fabulous
  • Conscientious.

Cleared for Independent Dispatch: Aetna’s Jeff D’Albero Completes Precepting Phase

Aetna's Jeff D'Albero

Jeff D’Albero (left) is congratulated by Supervisor Chuck Roode

HARTFORD – As of October 10, 2012, Aetna’s Jeff D’Albero has been cleared by Hartford Hospital medical control for independent dispatch as a paramedic to the towns that Aetna serves.

The full precepting phase can take ten to 12 weeks or more as the paramedic is prepped for the realities of the field. As with all precepting phases at Aetna, Jeff’s final approval came from Hartford Hospital after shadowing Jeff and his preceptor in the field as they responded to emergency calls.

Jeff is 25 years old and lives in New London with his fiance Mariaha, and two year old Caleb. He has been involved in fire and EMS since obtaining  his EMT certification when at age 16. He is a graduate of the paramedic program at Capitol Community College in Hartford and began working as a paramedic in Bridgeport. He also works as a part time Firefighter for the Town of Waterford.

On behalf of the Aetna Family, we would like to wish Jeff the best of luck and say we are very proud to have such skilled professionals on staff.

Praise for Aetna’s Tiago Paula Santos

Tiago Paula Santos - Aetna Ambulance Service

Aetna’s Tiago Paula Santos

HARTFORD — In an email from October 10, 2012:

“I would like to express my praise for Tiago. On September xx, 2012 he transported my mother to Saint Francis Hospital with a broken leg. He took great care of my Mom and was very compassionate. On October xx, 2012 he transported her to a doctor’s appointment and provided excellent care. I found him to be very patience with my Mom and he had a great concern for her well being  He is a great asset to your company and makes not only the patient but the family feel good. Please let him know that my Mom and I appreciated everything that he did for her.”


[Patient’s Daughter – #12-79510]

Out with the Old, In with the New

MANCHESTER — A side by side comparison of the Ambulance Service of Manchester’s Unit 514 as the Ford model is decommissioned in favor of the Mercedes Sprinter. Click on each picture to expand.

Chuck Roode at Goddard School’s EMS Awareness Day

Note: Aetna Ambulance does NOT provide emergency services to  the Town of Glastonbury. Always dial 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency.
GLASTONBURY — Aetna Ambulance Supervisor Chuck Roode gave tours of an ambulance and spoke to about 50 students of Goddard School in Glastonbury. Chuck went over how and when to call 911 and introduced the kids to PBS’s Caillou, dressed as an EMT.  Caillou “helped” Chuck show what a check of a blood pressure entails, what oxygen masks look like, what a stethoscope is and how important it is to wear seat belts.

Stryker Power Stretcher System Deployed on Bariatric Ambulances

The safest bariatric ambulance loading system in use today. 

POWER Load Stretcher - ASM Aetna Ambulance

HARTFORD and MANCHESTER, Connecticut — On October 1, 2012, Aetna Ambulance and the Ambulance Service of Manchester installed and deployed Stryker Power-LOAD stretcher lift systems in each of the company’s two bariatric ambulances. 

Capable of lifting a maximum patient weight of 700 pounds, it is the company’s firm belief that the Stryker Power LOAD is the safest overall bariatric ambulance equipment for a number of reasons:

  • Power-LOAD is the best product for protecting the dignity  of  the patient. There are no industrial winches or uneven, ten foot track systems. There is no large rear deployment area that has the patient sitting out exposed to the elements.
  • Power-LOAD is the best system for protecting the well-being of the ambulance crew. Patient and stretcher lifting is done entirely by the powered system and not by the backs of the crew. The system reduces stretcher drops and makes the best use of its low center of gravity.
  • Power-LOAD is the best method for healthcare facilities as it is not large and unwieldy. It is easy to maneuver and fits into any space where a standard stretcher would fit.

Equipping our bariatric units with the Power-LOAD stretcher lift system is part of Aetna and ASM’s long-term commitment to the safety of our patients and employees. 

Read the Hartford Courant Article here: Ambulance Service Of Manchester And Aetna Ambulance Get New Equipment For Obese Patients…

Continue reading