Aetna Promotes Tiago Paula Santos to Field Training Officer (FTO)

Tiago Paula Santos - Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc.HARTFORD — On April 9, 2013 Aetna Ambulance Service promoted Tiago Paula Santos from within its AEMT ranks to the post of permanent Field Training Officer. FTOs are utilized primarily to train newly hired employees in the performance of their duties in the provision of emergency care. Tiago had been an Acting FTO for the last, large hire class.

The FTO and new employee spend several shifts together, with an EMT partner who acts as a driver. During this time the new employee learns the ins and outs of the job done the ASM or Aetna way, including clinical skills, operations, radios, facilities, equipment and much more. FTOs are selected for their knowledge of the company, their positive attitude, willingness to teach and dedication to quality. Our companies are fortunate to have a “deep bench” in this regard.

Praise for Aetna’s Tiago Paula Santos

Tiago Paula Santos - Aetna Ambulance Service

Aetna’s Tiago Paula Santos

HARTFORD — In an email from October 10, 2012:

“I would like to express my praise for Tiago. On September xx, 2012 he transported my mother to Saint Francis Hospital with a broken leg. He took great care of my Mom and was very compassionate. On October xx, 2012 he transported her to a doctor’s appointment and provided excellent care. I found him to be very patience with my Mom and he had a great concern for her well being  He is a great asset to your company and makes not only the patient but the family feel good. Please let him know that my Mom and I appreciated everything that he did for her.”


[Patient’s Daughter – #12-79510]

Aetna’s Tiago Paula Santos Visits CCMC’s Kids Are Great Learning Center

Aetna Ambulance - Tiago Paula Santos Visits CCMC Day Care Center

Aetna Ambulance – Tiago Paula Santos Visits CCMC Day Care Center

HARTFORD — Aetna EMT-Intermediate Tiago Paula Santos made a recent visit to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s Kids Are Great Learning Center to do a show-and-tell with an Aetna ambulance.  Continue reading