Aetna Ambulance Hosts Turkish Firefighter on Global Exchange

Aetna Ambulance Hosts Turkish Firefighter on Global Exchange

(L to R): Mark Hannegan, Global Exchange/Turkish Firefighter Fatih Belgin, Graham MacDonald, AHEC’s Samia Hussein

HARTFORD — On June 26, 2012, Fatih Belgin from Istanbul’s Metropolitan Municipality – Istanbul Fire Department in Turkey was at Aetna Ambulance to shadow an ambulance crew, tour facilities and observe 911 calls.

Along with his hosts from the Central Area Health Education Center (AHEC), Inc., he met with EMTs, Paramedics, and Directors Graham MacDonald and Mark Hannegan. They explained the US EMS system and how fire, police and ambulance services work together. Continue reading

Aetna and ASM Send Ambulances to Mass Casualty in New Britain

Aetna and ASM at Rock Cats Stadium – Photo Courtesy of WFSB

NEW BRITAIN — On June 29, 2012 multiple ambulances from Aetna and ASM were requested to Rock Cats Stadium in New Britain for a report of multiple patients suffering from heat exhaustion.

The stadium was the venue for a graduation exercise at the time and due to 95 degree temperatures, many in attendance were displaying signs of heat related illnesses. Aetna and ASM had up to six ambulances and two paramedic units to assist New Britain EMS.

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Questions About Billing for Paramedic Services such as Paramedic Intercept

Paramedic Intercept ASM Aetna AmbulanceWhy did I get two bills, one from the ambulance service and one from the paramedic service?

Many patients and families express confusion over the concept of a ‘Paramedic Intercept’ and wonder why many health insurance companies, including Medicare, will not pay for such a service.

A Paramedic Intercept is a service provided during a medical emergency, most often in a rural area, where the ambulance operated by the patient’s town is staffed with EMTs. EMTs provide what is called Basic Life Support (BLS) while paramedics provide what is called Advanced Life Support (ALS).

ASM Mercedes Ambulance at Lutz Children’s Museum’s “Touch a Truck” Event

Lutz Museum Touch a Truck Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance ASM

ASM’s Casey Chubka with a possible future Paramedic

MANCHESTER — On June 10, 2012 the Ambulance Service of Manchester sent a 2012 Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance to the Touch a Truck event at the Lutz Children’s Museum in Manchester.

The display encouraged the kids in attendance to climb aboard, see and touch the EMS equipment and sit on the stretcher. ASM’s distinctive checkered pattern and bright colors brought a lot of attention and allowed us to compete with the Big Boys (like MFRE Engine 4).

ASM’s Casey Chubka and Nick Chasse provided ambulance tours and the entertainment for those in attendance, giving out coloring books and posing for pictures. Casey’s picture and details about the event showed up on a parenting blog about the event. 

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ASM Crew Makes Appearance at Washington School Fun Day

Washington School Fun Day

An unusual guest Paramedic treats an unusual patient at Washington School Fun Day

MANCHESTER — On June 11, 2012 a Paramedic crew from the Ambulance Service of Manchester attended Washington School’s Annual “Fun Day”. The Manchester elementary school and the PTA hold the event to celebrate the close of each school year.

ASM’s Vinnie Maston and Jason Bak were a hit last year, autographing ASM coloring books for the students and giving tours of the ambulance. This year Vinnie, a Supervisor and Paramedic returned with fellow Supervisor and Paramedic Mike Panciera.

Representatives from Manchester Police Department and Manchester Fire Rescue EMS were on hand to round out the public safety services in Manchester.

ASM’s Alpha Five: Volume 3: Don Hart

STAFFORD SPRINGS — Beth Van Alstyne, Director of Critical Care Services for Johnson Memorial Medical Center in Stafford Springs, wrote a complimentary endorsement for ASM’s Don Hart. Don is a seasoned paramedic and a known fixture at JMMC. He has been stationed on ASM’s Alpha 5 (also known as The Johnson Medic) for several years. Read more about The Johnson Medic here…

ASM's Don Hart at Johnson Memorial Medical Center

ASM's Don Hart at Johnson Memorial Medical Center

Here is an excerpt from Beth’s note: “Don has become an integral part of the JMH ED family!  Everyone throughout the hospital knows Don and even where “Don’s desk” is located in the ED.  He is even a stop on every ED tour!  Don is the epitome of selfless hard work and team spirit.  He is always willing to help out.  He is friendly, courteous and compassionate with all patients and will assist patients and visitors as appropriate. 

As a medic, Don is top notch.  Continue reading

ASM’s Beth Sheils is Lead Instructor for Capital Community College Paramedic Program

ASM's Beth Sheils

ASM's Beth Sheils

HARTFORD – As of January 11, 2012 Ambulance Service of Manchester’s Beth Sheils became Capital Community College’s Paramedic Program lead instructor for the night program. In this role, Beth leads didactic instruction for the 18-month program, guiding 20 paramedic students through extensive education and training in the delivery of emergency medical care.

Beth is a Paramedic Supervisor for ASM. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Mount Holyoke College and a Masters in Public Health from the Boston University School of Public Health, and is herself a graduate of the Capital Community College Paramedic Program. Continue reading

Aetna’s Leslie Prado Competing in Triathlon to Benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Leslie Prado

Aetna's Leslie Prado

Hello Family and Friends. It has always been a goal of mine to do a triathlon for a good cause. And this year, I am swimming, biking and running to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training (TNT).

I have committed myself to raise $800 by June 10th, 2012 for this incredible organization that leads the way in funding research to treat blood cancers and in providing financial aid to patients and their family. Seventy-five percent of all the money we raise goes directly to the LLS mission of funding research based on medical need without regard to commercial return or market size. Continue reading