ASM Participates in Mock Crash Event in Somers

Ambulance Service of Manchester Paramedic Matt Traber and EMT Matthew Kleza teamed up with Somers Fire Department and Somers chapter of S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) to partake in a Mock D.U.I. crash at the high school on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018. The goal of the event was to educate students, parents, and community members about the risks and consequences associated with unsafe driving practices, including driving under the influence. ASM assisted by demonstrating a few assessment and treatment techniques required following a motor vehicle accident.

Kudos from the Cath Lab: Volume 19

Aetna Paramedic receives Kudos from the Cath LabSOMERS — During June 2016, ASM Paramedic Billy Schnepp and his partner Bill Gorman responded to a medical call in Somers, CT. The patient had a witnessed cardiac arrest, was defibrillated by Somers Fire Department prior to ASM’s arrival. The patient had a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) from Somers FD efforts and was being loaded into their ambulance.

The patient became slowly able to follow commands and answer questions in the ambulance and responded to care consistent with protocol. The EKG was indicative of a STEMI and Billy wirelessly transmitted the 12-lead EKG to [Hospital], activating their cardiac catherization lab from the field. (#16-43800). Early intervention, teamwork and technology all in play to improve outcomes.

Somers Fire DepartmentExcellent job by Somers Fire Department in their aggressive, accurate and appropriate care. Great job by Billy and Bill on deploying wireless STEMI transmission. This is a strong example of teamwork among ASM and our partners. ASM is proud to work alongside Somers Fire Department. 

Kudos from the Cath Lab: Volume 10

Aetna Paramedic receives Kudos from the Cath LabHARTFORD — During March 2015, ASM Paramedic Ted Oliver and his partner David Rice responded to a medical call in Somers with Somers Fire Department ambulance. The EKG was indicative of a STEMI and Ted wirelessly transmitted the 12-lead EKG to Saint Francis Hospital, activating their cardiac catherization lab from the field. (#15-21457)

“Another great job by our ASM partners and this time with Somers Fire. The bar has been raised now with measuring the time from first medical contact to device in the Cath Lab and this requires a strong team effort to meet the new benchmark. Rapid identification and notification are critical elements to success.”

         – John Quinlavin, EMS Manager, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

SFH Cath Lab Patient Follow-Up Form

  • 100% occlusion of the posterior left anterior descending artery.
  • 90% occlusion of the ramus artery (a division of the left main coronary artery)
  • 100% occlusion of the first through third obtuse marginal arteries
  • 80% RCA ejection fraction < 20%. IABP placed. No PCI – CABG performed.

Treatment by EMS and Direct to SFH ED

EMS Agency: ASM  (run # 21457) (Somers FD Ambulance transported)

Indication: STEMI

 First Medical Contact (FMC) (at pt side)            15:05          elapse:  00:00

 EMS 12 Lead Acquisition Time:                         15:10          elapse: 00:05

EMS 12 Lead Transmit Rec’d Time:                    15:22          elapse: 00:12

Arrival Time (SFHED):                                         15:56          elapse: 00:34

 Cath Lab Arrival Time (SFH):                             16:14          elapse: 00:18

 Procedure Start Time:                                         16:17          elapse: 00:03

SFHED Door to First Device:          to start proc.                 21 min

FMC to First Device:                        to start proc                  72 min

ASM’s Alpha Five: Volume 8: Praise for Dave White

Dave White A

ASM’s Dave White

SOMERS — In February 2015 ASM received a letter from Somers Fire Department President Timothy Percoski praising and thanking Dave White, one of ASM’s Johnson Medics, for his service to the Department and the area. ASM’s Johnson Medic, also known as Alpha 5, works in partnership with Somers Fire Department, Stafford Ambulance and is stationed at Johnson Memorial Medical Center.

Among the two page letter, President Percoski praises Dave’s commitment and his presentation at a January drill. “Dave accepted this opportunity enthusiastically, and was eager to help not only the members in Somers, but his colleagues out of ASM….Every single member of our group had a takeaway from the training, as was shared with me after the fact by our members.”

Somers Fire DepartmentFurther, “His presentation was that of partnership and camaraderie, and that was arguably the greatest takeaway of the night. Dave White is a great asset, not only to ASM, but also to the Somers Fire Department and the people of Somers that he aids when needed.”

On behalf of ASM, we are enormously proud of Dave and all of our Johnson Medics and of our longstanding partnership with Somers Fire Department and its dedicated and talented staff. 

ASM’s Ray Stovall Receives Medal of Valor from Somers Fire Department

Ray Stovall

Somers firefighter Ray Stovall gets the business from his two young children, Ella, 4, and Nathan, 2, who can’t resist knocking off his cap, part of his formal uniform, Monday evening, June 30, 2014, outside the Somers firehouse. Moments earlier Stovall received the Medal of Valor for his part in rescuing a woman from a burning home last December in Somersville. (Jim Michaud / Journal Inquirer)

By Gayla M. Cawley

Journal Inquirer (Read the full article here)

SOMERS — The Somers Fire Department on Monday recognized one of its own and a firefighter from the Hazardville Fire Department in Enfield for their heroism in rescuing a woman from a burning building last December.

Somers firefighter Ray Stovall was on hand at the Fire Department on Main Street to receive his Medal of Valor and official citations from the General Assembly and his department, but Capt. Jaime Hurley of the Hazardville Fire Department was unable to attend as he was working.

First Selectwoman Lisa Pellegrini presented Stovall with the citation from the General Assembly, reading aloud some of it, which proclaimed, “You are a model firefighter and an inspiration to us all.”

Pellegrini told Stovall, “You are a hero.”

Somers Fire Chief Gary Schiessl presented Stovall with the Medal of Valor and a citation from the department for “entering a burning structure, rescuing the woman, and bringing her to safety.”

“There is no greater reward for firefighters than to save a life,” Schiessl said.

Somers Deputy Fire Chief Frank Falcone, Jr. also responded to the call that Wednesday morning on Dec. 4, 2013, at a multi-family residence at 61 Main St. He witnessed the lifesaving actions of Stovall and Hurley as they found the woman, Katie Colgan, 34, lying unconscious in her daughter’s second-floor bedroom and carried her outside to safety.

Falcone said the Medal of Valor was fitting and that the rescue was “truly a team effort.”

Stovall agreed, saying, “It was one of those days where everything worked. It’s one of the proudest moments of my career so far. To be able to save a life is definitely awesome.” (Read the full article here)

Santa Visits Victim of Fire in Somers

SantaSOMERS — The attached picture is of a mother and daughter who were rescued from a structure fire on December 4, 2013 in a joint effort by several local fire departments and a courageous bystander. ASM’s Johnson Medic (Alpha 5) crew, Don Hart and Ayla Sarles, delivered care with Somers Fire Department once the patients were removed from the building. Read the Patch story here…

Last week Santa arrived to bring them some cheer during a difficult holiday season, courtesy of Somers Fire Department. According to ASM’s Ray Stovall, who took part in the rescue as part of Somers Fire Department, “It was one of the best experiences of my life. The family was so thankful to all involved. Being there restored some faith in humanity. We see so much bad in our jobs that it warmed my heart to see the pure joy on this families face.”

A special note of recognition goes not only to Somers Fire Department but also to Hazardville Fire Department and their Captain Hurley in the rescue of the mother. Ray goes on to say, “As always the Alpha 5 crew did an awesome job on patient care and working with the fire departments on scene.”

ASM’s Alpha Five: Volume 2: Prom Promise in Somers

Somers Fire Department and ASM Alpha 5

Somers Fire Department and ASM Alpha 5

SOMERS — On April 27, 2012 ASM’s Alpha Five participated in Somers High School Prom Promise Mock Crash. The following letter from Somers Fire Department was received on May 7th.

I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to thank you for your service’s help with our Prom Promise Mock Crash Continue reading