‘Emergency of Hunger’ Food Drive to Continue this Weekend


Gallery includes pictures from last weekend. 

MANCHESTER — The demand on local food assistance programs continues to increase for a number of reasons. This makes efforts like the Emergency of Hunger Food Drive at the Stop and Shop Supermarkets in the area THIS WEEKEND even more important.

  • Manchester:      286 Broad Street. November 16, 17, 23 and 24. 900a-500p.
  • Rockville:          50 Windsorville Road. November 23 and 24. 900a-400p.
  • Vernon:             10 Pitkin Road. November 23 and 24. 900a-400p.

The Manchester Food Drive is sponsored by IMCORP, organized by Ambulance Service of Manchester and powered by volunteers from ASM, Manchester Police, Manchester Fire Rescue EMS, the Rotary Club and MACC Charities staff and more has raised a lot of money, food, and turkeys over the five  years of its existence. It fills the freezers, the pantry and adds money that is so important to help with special needs for babies, diabetics and others with dietary issues, and other important household needs.

We urge you to show up SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23 AND 24 at the Stop and Shop in Manchester and share so that others may eat.

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