The Ultimate Lifesaver? How Aetna and ASM Ambulance Stack Up – Vol. 4

ASM and Aetna were early adopters of Intraosseous (IO) infusers

ASM and Aetna were early adopters of Intraosseous (IO) infusers

A recent Wall Street Journal article described cutting edge equipment, techniques and skills in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) that are changing patient outcomes, revolutionizing care and sharpening the leading edge of the EMS industry.

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So how do Aetna and ASM match up against The Ultimate Lifesaver?

Volume 4: Intraosseous Infusers

Resembling a light-weight hobbyist drill, an intraosseous, or IO, kit actually places a needle into the shin bone for lifesaving fluids and medications.

The use of an IO infuser is indicated when IV access is impossible or impractical. Although this situation does not arise regularly, the ability to infuse IV medications and fluids is critical to lifesaving care. The makers of IO infusion systems demonstrate that the process is less painful and invasive than it appears.

So how do we stack up?

In a similar situation to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, Aetna and ASM began using a commercial, purpose-made device months before the regional protocol called for IO drills.  Our companies use what is known as an EZ-IO, as pictured with this post.

More information on the equipment we operate is available by clicking here…

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