The Ultimate Lifesaver? How Aetna and ASM Ambulance Stack Up – Vol. 4

ASM and Aetna were early adopters of Intraosseous (IO) infusers

ASM and Aetna were early adopters of Intraosseous (IO) infusers

A recent Wall Street Journal article described cutting edge equipment, techniques and skills in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) that are changing patient outcomes, revolutionizing care and sharpening the leading edge of the EMS industry.

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So how do Aetna and ASM match up against The Ultimate Lifesaver?

Volume 4: Intraosseous Infusers

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Aetna and ASM Paramedics to Use Cutting-Edge Video Laryngoscopes

HARTFORD and MANCHESTER — By the end of July 2012 Aetna Ambulance and the Ambulance Service of Manchester (ASM) will put into service a cutting edge, life-saving medical device known as a video laryngoscope made by a company called King Vision.

The use of the King Vision Video Laryngoscopes is part of Aetna and ASM’s long-term commitment to providing cutting edge emergency medical care and our vision of putting gold standard clinical resources and equipment at the fingertips of our skilled EMS providers.

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