Aetna’s Amy Griskus Promoted to Medicare Office Supervisor

MANCHESTER — On April 28th, 2017 Aetna’s Amy Griskus was promoted to the position of Medicare Office Supervisor.

Amy has worked for Aetna since October 2007, reviewing and processing Patient Care Reports (PCR’s), interacting with Medicare patients and payors, maintaining a knowledge of billing practices to ensure Medicare compliance, and much more. On behalf of Aetna and ASM, we would like to congratulate Amy and look forward to more great things from her.

David Werfel Presents Compliance with Medicare’s Ambulance Rules

(L to R): David Werfel and Aetna/ASM President and CEO Wayne Wright

(L to R): David Werfel and Aetna/ASM President and CEO Wayne Wright

MANCHESTER — On April 23, 2013, Aetna and ASM welcomed David Werfel, Esq. from Werfel & Werfel, PLLC. As our Medicare Compliance attorneys, David delivered their annual site visit.

As in years past, David presented proper and compliant documentation to the ambulance crews and dispatchers. Both David and his son Brian Werfel, Esq are nationally renowned experts in Medicare billing and compliance. They have authored numerous articles and manuals, including the Medicare Reference Manual for the American Ambulance Association.

In addition to reviewing EMS/Medicare documentation, they consistently share important points and evolving issues. David also spent time with the Billing Department and management team reviewing Ambulance Relief Extension, 2012 rates, Overpayment Rule,  Lifetime Signature, proving medical need and other topics.