Bolton Brownies Learn About the Role of EMS and the Ambulance

BOLTON, CT – Brownie Troops 10635 and 10636 in Bolton (about 40 second and third graders) are currently working on earning a First Aid Badge.  One of the requirements is to speak with a First Responder and Troop Leaders expressed that the girls were really interested in seeing an ambulance.

“On behalf of Brownie Troops 10635 and 10636, I would like to thank you for your teams for their time.  The girls really enjoyed asking questions and have gained a real appreciation for the responsibilities of First Responders. Thank you again.”

– Sue, Troop Leader

NOTE: Within the Town of Bolton, ASM responds to medical emergencies in conjunction and cooperation with Bolton Fire Department (BFD). ASM provides ambulance and paramedic services for requests that come in via the 911 system. BFD is the designated First Responder and provides all rescue and fire suppression services to the Town of Bolton. In the event of an emergency, always dial 911. 

Beth Sheils and Rory Leslie Present to the Girls Scout Daisy Troop of East Hartford

ASM's Beth Sheils with the East Hartford Daisy Troop

ASM's Beth Sheils with the East Hartford Daisy Troop

EAST HARTFORD — On April 6, 2012, Ambulance Service of Manchester (ASM) Paramedic Supervisor Beth Sheils and Paramedic Rory Leslie presented the basics of Emergency Medical Services to the Girls Scout Daisy Troop of East Hartford.

The presentation took place at the East Hartford Cultural Center where the girls (and one boy!) saw the ins and outs of the ambulance and learned about first aid, when to use 911 and growing up to be a Paramedic. More pictures below. (All pictures appear with written parent permission).  Continue reading