To: Mom’s Heroes — Praise for ASM’s Tim Houle and Mikhail Khan

MANCHESTER — In early May, 2015 ASM received a heartfelt Thank You card directed to ASM Paramedic Tim Houle and EMT Mikhail Khan. The card reads:

Moms Heroes To: Mom’s Heroes

I want to thank the both of you from the bottom of my heart. To the [Paramedic] who worked directly to my mom – Thank you. We almost lost her after being intubated – She was breathing 0% on her own – 24 hours later, the tube came out and she was breathing 100% on her own. Her odds were slim – yet a miracle occurred.

To the EMT that drove – Thank you so much for your kindness and emotional support. You helped me remain centered and clam which facilitated quick decisions in the ER.


[Patient’s daughter]

PS – This card is to be directed to the two who responded to the Revolution Bowling Alley call on May X, 2015 in South Windsor, CT. My mom will be moving on to rehab at St. Mary Home in West Hartford.

ASM’s Kenya Russell Receives Saint Francis 2015 EMS Champion Award

Kenya Russell with Saint Francis Hospital's John Quinlavin

Kenya Russell with Saint Francis Hospital’s John Quinlavin

HARTFORD — On May 20, 2015, as part of EMS Week celebrations, ASM’s Kenya Russell received an EMS Champion Award from Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center. The award was conveyed to Kenya and Vernon Fire Department’s Jean Gauthier by Saint Francis EMS Coordinator John Quinlavin and EMS Medical Director Dr. Steve Wolf.

(L to R): John Quinlavin, Kenya Russell, Jean Gauthier, Dr. Steve Wolf.

Click to Enlarge. (L to R): John Quinlavin, Kenya Russell, Jean Gauthier, Dr. Steve Wolf.

The following is the content of the nomination for Kenya as submitted by ASM’s Stephanie Boutot:

I’d like to nominate my friend, co-worker Kenya Russell, paramedic at ASM. As a paramedic, she assesses each patient and treats them as the individual they are. She is very good at gaining a rapport, making them feel as comfortable as possible. With her amazing smile and contagious laugh, it is not uncommon to hear laughter as she cares for patients. Music is a great tool she uses and will offer to play whatever their favorite might be, even if not her favorite. I admire her strength, confidence, and ability to advocate for patients. She not only stands up for patients, she also stands up for herself earning respect from others.

Kenya is continuously learning about EMS from CMEs and from her calls, and consulting with other providers to improve her knowledge and care. Kenya is not only an amazing paramedic on the clock, but she has traveled abroad to experience other cultures and assist in their healthcare. And if that wasn’t enough, Kenya organized a support system for a friend and co-worker, playing a major role in starting up the Carolyn Edwards Foundation to help Carolyn as well as continuing the support efforts for others EMSer’s in need.

Schedule of EMS Week 2015 Events and Activities

EMS Week 2013 - Aetna Ambulance Ambulance Service of ManchesterEMS Week 2015

Sunday, May 17th 

  • 0700: Hartford Hospital EMS Room: Fresh fruit available.
  • 1500: Hartford Hospital EMS Room: Fresh fruit available.
  • 2300: Hartford Hospital EMS Room: Fresh fruit available.
Monday, May 18th
  • 1200-1400: Hartford Hospital (outside of Conklin Building) Annual Cook-out.
  • 1730-1900: Hartford Hospital (outside of Conklin Building) Annual Cook-out.
Tuesday, May 19th
  • 0730-1300:  Hartford Hospital, EMS Week Symposium. A multidisciplinary group of physicians deliver engaging, EMS-specific presentations.  Breakfast and a light lunch will be provided for attendees.  There is no charge.   All levels of provider are encouraged to attend.  You may register by contacting HH EMS Education directly at 
  • 0900-1600: ECHN EMS Lecture Series: New topic every hour on the hour, to be held as ASM at 275 New State Road, Manchester. RSVP to
  • 1800: Johnson Memorial Medical Center BBQ & CME: Two CME hours for “High Reliability Organizations” lecture presented by Drs. Herr and Moynihan, follows BBQ at CMEC Amphitheater (the building on the right as you enter the main hospital driveway).
Wednesday, May 20th
  • 1700-1900: Saint Francis Hospital, Emergency Department: Burrito Buffet Dinner.
  • 1730: Saint Francis Hospital EMS Champion Awards Ceremony, Emergency Department, ambulance bay area.
  • 1900-2200: Hartford Hospital EMS Room: Join us for Pizza. 
Thursday, May 21st
  • 0700: Hartford Hospital EMS Room: Fresh fruit available.
  • 1130-1330: Saint Francis Hospital, Emergency Department: Burrito Buffet Lunch.
  • 1500: Hartford Hospital EMS Room: Fresh fruit available.
  • 2300: Hartford Hospital EMS Room: Fresh fruit available.
Friday, May 22nd
  • 0700-0900: Hartford Hospital EMS Room: Join us for breakfast. 
Saturday, May 23rd
  • 0700: Hartford Hospital EMS Room, Fresh Fruit available
  • 1500: Hartford Hospital EMS Room, Fresh Fruit available
  • 2300: Hartford Hospital EMS Room, Fresh Fruit available

If your organization, facility or agency is having an EMS Week event in the greater Hartford area and you do not see it listed here, please email it to a member of our management team, fill out the contact form, post it as a comment or email it to us at

Aetna’s David Kemp and Michael Pacheco Promoted to Field Supervisor

Michael Pacheco

Michael Pacheco

David Kemp B

David Kemp

HARTFORD — On May 8, 2015 Aetna’s David Kemp and Michael Pacheco were both promoted to the position of Field Supervisor.

Dave has been involved in EMS for the past eight years as an EMT, AEMT and now a paramedic. He has been working for Aetna Ambulance the last two years as a paramedic, and served the past three years as the Deputy Chief of EMS for the Town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department.

According to Mike, he got his start in EMS in 2007 and has been employed by Aetna Ambulance since 2008. He graduated from the Capitol Community College Paramedic program in 2013.

On behalf of the Aetna family we would like to congratulate David and Mike on their promotion and look forward to great things from and for them.

Aetna’s Lauren Slebodnick and Angel Rodriguez at High Road School Career Day

High Road School May 2015 AHARTFORD — On May 13, 2015 Aetna’s Lauren Slebodnick and Angel Rodriguez attended and presented at High Road School of Hartford‘s Career Day.

Forty students, mostly from Hartford, were able to tour the ambulance and ask questions about careers in Emergency Medical Services.

ASM Responds: Minor injuries reported in bus crash on I-384

WFSB 3 Connecticut

From WFSB. Read the full story here...

By Joseph Wenzel IV, News Editor


Students were injured after a crash involving a school bus on Interstate 384 in Manchester on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The two-vehicle crash was reported on the westbound side of I-384 near 4 around 4 p.m.  Police said the bus was rear-ended by another vehicle.

Police said 25 children were on board of the bus at the time of the crash.

Officials said the school bus was from Bolton Elementary School headed to East Hartford.

Students were injured in the crash but their injuries are being described as “minor.” Five ambulances were called to the scene and there was possibly 25 patients, state police said.

Officials from Ambulance Service of Manchester said nine students were transported by ambulance to area hospitals, while three students refused care and 18 other students were transported to area hospitals by bus.

Read more…

Kudos from the Cath Lab: Volume 13

Aetna Paramedic receives Kudos from the Cath LabHARTFORD — During April 2015, ASM Paramedic David White and his AEMT partner, Al Pardi, responded to a medical call in Stafford with Stafford Ambulance. The EKG was indicative of a STEMI and Dave wirelessly transmitted the 12-lead EKG to Hartford Hospital, activating their cardiac catherization lab from the field. (#15-29463). The following are comments provided by Hartford Hospital’s Dr. Marcin Dada with some acronyms and patient information removed:

Congratulations everyone on a great care of this antero-lateral STEMI pt last Sunday.

STEMI Ambulance Service of Manchester Pre-hospital EKG TransmissionThis patient was brought to HH by ASM (prehospital ECG was sent and communicated to the ED attending: Dr. Herbst)

While in the ER, patient arrested with return of spontaneous circulation… and was brought to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

In a nut shell:

1) HH D2B Time = 77 min (off hrs, Sun 3 AM)

1) STEMI Total Ischemia Time = 115 min

In particular, we would like to recognize the teams involved:

1) HH Team – Dr Hirst, Engles and the Cath Lab team – W. Arcisz, D. Jordan, F. Natale.

STEMI Ambulance Service of Manchester Pre-hospital EKG Transmission B2) HH ER Team – Dr Herbst, and Snyder, and the ED team: M. Moquin, D, Phillips, S. Ferri.

3) and last but not least : ASM and Stafford Ambulance

Strong Work.


Marcin Dada, MD

Co-Director, CPC

Hartford Hospital

Words That Describe Us: Volume 54

Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc. - Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC.MANCHESTER and HARTFORD — Aetna Ambulance and ASM send Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of patients who have received emergency or STAT inter-facility services from our companies.

The final question in the survey asks “Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service?” And, “Please use one word to describe us.”

Some of the answers/responses included:

  • They were absolutely amazing. Although I don’t know their names they should know I appreciate their service. They were kind and compassionate. Especially when I arrived in the ER at Hartford…When you’re not feeling well it’s great to be taken care of. Please let them know I’m very grateful for their service. They made me feel like they cared. Seems simple yet so many people just don’t care these days! Keep up the great work! I hope we’ll never meet in the ambulance again – but if so, they’d be my choice! :-) (15-11255; M. Levasseur, M. Sparks).
  • Excellent.
  • Very caring + skilled.
  • Extremely competent, skilled, proficient, caring, efficient. Very pleased with the entire experience/services rendered to my mother; I couldn’t have asked for better care from the Paramedics. Thank You!!! (15-18981; M. Campbell, S. Dybdahl).
  • The crew were great, could not have asked for a better group of young men. (15-20709; N. Toro, J. Platero).
  • Recent snow – steep driveway – carried me downstairs + hill. Excellent care. (15-8653; K. Beaulieu, B. Delgaizo).
  • Helpful.
  • Very professional.
  • The crew were excellent. Very caring.
  • Comforting in a time of desperation.
  • Excellent source of help.
  • Caring, informative, empathetic.
  • Very comforting to have them arrive so quickly.
  • Caring + professional.
  • Thank you for taking professional care of my daughter.
  • Caring, knowledgeable, efficient. (15-20119; V. Maston, J. Lentini, H. Carl).
  • The ambulance was called for my husband. I was very pleased with their care and their concern for me.
  • The two EMTs this time were considerate and kind.
  • Remarkable.
  • Professional and super qualified. (15-22877; G. Geres, M. Sparks).
  • They were very professional and did an excellent job,
  • Crew showed up very quickly – everything considered, a fine operation!

“The crew came totally prepared and handled the patient with compassion”

Adam Fine

ASM’s Adam Fine

ASM Crew: Adam Fine and Michael Hoyt

From a thank you note sent via email on May 3, 2015:

I want to take a minute to commend the crew that did a transfer the evening of 4/17/15 from Hartford Hospital to Hospital for Special Care in New Britain.

The elderly patient was extremely apprehensive and had breathing difficulties.  The crew came totally prepared and handled the patient with compassion and offered her a level of reassurance that made her more relaxed and less anxiety ridden. They even extended concern to the family as to whether they were familiar with the driving route to get to the new location.

Michael Hoyt

ASM’s Michael Hoyt

Again, often these acts of professionalism and kindness go unrecognized.  Just want to make sure the crew along with all emergency medical professionals know that they are appreciated.

Best regards,


(family member of patient from #15-29135)

ASM Supports the 2015 National Kidney Foundation Walk

NFK Kidney Walk 2015MANCHESTER — On April 26, 2015 ASM’s Lauren Mathiau and Michael Hoyt provided standby EMS support to the National Kidney Foundation for their annual Foundation Walk.

Over 26 million people have chronic kidney disease and another 1 in 3 adults are at risk.  This is a staggering statistic! For more information about the walk or to make a donation, log onto and select Connecticut or Massachusetts.”

According to their website, the National Kidney Foundation, a major voluntary nonprofit health organization, is dedicated to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation. The vision of the National Kidney Foundation is to enhance the lives of everyone with, at risk of or affected by kidney disease.

Learn more by visiting their site here…

Hartford Hospital’s Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work


Daughters and Sons HH Event 2015 B Daughters and Sons HH Event 2015 AHARTFORD — On April 23, 2015 Alex Adams represented Aetna Ambulance at Hartford Hospital’s Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day. A few thank you notes follow.

“We wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for supporting Hartford Hospital’s Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day last Thursday. Your support allowed us to host a fun, engaging and successful event.

“In total we had 110 kids, ranging from grades four to twelve. Their day was filled with a live exotic animal show, a pizza lunch with parents, an interactive Jeopardy style game and tours of over twelve different departments at Hartford Hospital. The feedback from the children and their parents was of high praise, and we are confident the event was a great success!”          – excerpt from email, Hartford Hospital staff

“Thank you for sending an ambulance up last week for our Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work event.  The ambulance tours were a big hit!  And Alex did an excellent job with the kids.”               – Mike Zacchera, Hartford Hospital EMS Education

Kudos from the Cath Lab: Volume 12

Aetna Paramedic receives Kudos from the Cath LabHARTFORD — During April 2015, ASM Paramedic Supervisor Matt Tuttle and his EMT partner, Supervisor Mike Sparks, responded to a medical call in South Windsor. The EKG was indicative of a STEMI and Matt wirelessly transmitted the 12-lead EKG to Saint Francis Hospital, activating their cardiac catherization lab from the field. (#15-24713).

Matt Tuttle

ASM’s Matt Tuttle.

“Nice job, Matt. Thanks for calling early.”

         – John Quinlavin, EMS Manager, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

Additionally the patient returned a Satisfaction Survey with every one of the 21 boxes checked Strongly Agree or Excellent. In a follow-up phone call he said that Matt should be commended, that he was “absolutely fantastic”, caring and took the time to explain everything as it was happening. Further, he said, “I have nothing but good things to say about your service.”

Vessel Angiography Findings/Treatment:  100% thrombotic occlusion of Distal RCA; hypotensive, required Dopamine, ejection fraction 55%.

Comments: onset 20 min PTA dispatched 0822; EKG transmitted on scene to ED & med control contacted prior to departure; left scene @ 0840 (South Windsor location)- in ED pt remained on EMS stretcher then to cath lab.

SFH Cath Lab Patient Follow-Up Form

EMS Agency: ASM 

Indication: STEMI

First Medical Contact (FMC) (at pt side) Time:  08:28           elapse:  00:00

EMS 12 Lead Acquisition Time:                          08:32           elapse: 00:04

EMS STEMI Alert Request Time (source: cmed):      prior to dept.       elapse: 00:01

EMS 12 Lead Transmit Rec’d Time:                  08:36           elapse: 00:04

Arrival Time (SFHED):                                        09:01           elapse: 00:25

Cath Lab Arrival Time (SFH):                             09:17           elapse: 00:16

Procedure Start Time:                                         09:26           elapse: 00:09

First Device Time:                                                09:33           elapse: 00:07


SFHED Door to First Device:                                                 32 min     

FMC to First Device:                                                              65 min

Hartford Firefighters, Paramedics Save Choking 2-Year-Old

Aetna's responding Paramedic was Samuel Dybdahl

Aetna’s responding Paramedic was Samuel Dybdahl

From NBC Connecticut. Read the whole story here…

[continued…] The fire department posted a letter from Aetna Ambulance on its Facebook page, thanking responding firefighters for their quick thinking.

According to the letter, EMTs and firefighters were called to the city’s South End around noon Thursday. They found the toddler unresponsive with a “complete airway obstruction.” Firefighters performed chest compressions and the Heimlich maneuver.

Medical personnel worked with firefighters to remove the food from the child’s airway and give the toddler oxygen.

Aetna Ambulance director of operations Mark Hannegan said the emergency responders’ teamwork kept the child alive.

Hartford Fire Department - Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc.“There is no doubt that without quick, calm and professional actions by all on scene, the child would have died,” Hannegan said in a letter to the fire chief thanking the firefighters of Engine 10. “The attending physician called and said that prehospital care ‘legitimately saved this kid’s life.’ He said that the child is doing well.”

Aetna’s Ashley Harkins and Justine Monahan Visit Wethersfield Brownies

Wethersfield BrowniesWETHERSFIELD — On April 16, 2015 Aetna’s Ashley Harkins and Justine Monahan visited Brownie Troop 10262 out of Wethersfield, CT. The two afforded the girls the opportunity to learn from strong female role models.

Scouting troop visits serve to increase children’s awareness of Emergency Medical Services, when to call 911, what Paramedics and EMTs do to help people and why serving the community is important.