Praise for an MFRE and ASM Response

Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance ASM FMANCHESTER — In August of 2016 ASM received an email from a patient in Manchester for a response in July. In it she praised the care she received from ASM’s Luke Zalewski and Sean McNeff working with Manchester Fire Rescue EMS (MFRE) firefighter-paramedics. The email read as follows:

The ambulance crew was so kind to me I have been wanting to send them a thank you note. I was in so much pain when they arrived at my house, and as a young woman I was worried they might not take my complaints seriously, but they did. When they arrived I was in so much pain I could barely stand up. They helped me out of the house, but they also went the extra mile of reassuring me that my two cats did not get out of the house when they left the door open. They described both cats to me and said they had seen them both go into the basement. This really helped me to relax  in a difficult situation. They could have just told me not to worry about it, but they took all of my concerns seriously.

On the way to the hospital they administered medication in an IV that helped my pain decrease. I was scared when I arrived at the hospital because I was alone but they reassured me they would not leave me by myself. I typically use alternative medicine because I have previously had many negative experiences with the conventional medical system, but this was not one of them. I am so grateful I called that day and so grateful that the crew treated me with so much care and respect. I felt they really went above and beyond to make sure that I felt as comfortable and safe as possible. What wonderful people! The doctors believe I had a ruptured cyst and I am feeling better now. Thank you so much!

[This redacted and de-identified story and commentary appears with the patient’s express permission]

Words That Describe Us: Volume 86

Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc. - Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC.MANCHESTER and HARTFORD — Aetna Ambulance and ASM send Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of patients who have received emergency or STAT inter-facility services from our companies.

The final part of the survey asks that the respondent, “Please use a word or phrase to describe us and/or the ambulance crew.”

Some of the most recent answers and responses provided in the survey responses include the following quotes:

  • The crew was caring + informative, took care of me very well + got me situated in ER. (16-47719; A. Fine, M. Uddin).
  • Skilled, caring staff. My services were exceptional. Please let the EMTs know I appreciate [it]. (16-47714; S. Gregg, M. Cedeno with Manchester Fire Rescue EMS).
  • Highly professional with personalized care.
  • Thanks!
  • Friendly and professional.
  • Great EMT experience and care.
  • The crew was very thoughtful – they listened to what my needs were – very helpful – thanks to everyone who helped me. (16-49921; M. Buerk, R. Fross).
  • Very caring, professional and friendly.
  • Professional/caring.
  • Friendly.
  • Excellent.
  • Very professional.
  • Nice, young + funny.
  • Helpful.
  • Very professional.
  • Very professional, prompt & courteous.
  • They saw immediately that my child was in great pain and took steps to alleviate it. Smart + professional. (16-52868; J. Traber, D. Hammett).
  • Caring + professional.
  • Thank you for your prompt arrival at a critical time.
  • Excellent! Very professional!
  • They were able to get [patient] to get into the ambulance and get medical attention. The crew acted very professional and tended to [patient’s] needs.
  • Ambulance were very professional and courteous.
  • Timely and professional.

ASM at Manchester Motorcycle Jamboree, 2016

Motorcycle Jamboree 2016 CMANCHESTER — On July 30, 2016 ASM provided ambulance standby services to the Second Annual Manchester Motorcycle Jamboree on Broad Street. The event was to benefit New Seasons, Inc. which provides state-of-the-art care and support for persons with cognitive and physical disabilities in Hartford and Tolland counties.

Photo credit: Charles Lodge.

The Carolyn Edwards Foundation Hosting 3rd Annual Poker Run and Family Picnic

Carolyn Edwards Foundation Motorcycle Poker Run FamilyThe Carolyn Edwards Foundation will be hosting their 3rd Annual Poker Run and Family Picnic on August 20, 2016 at Northwest Park in Manchester, in conjunction with The Road Docs motorcycle club.


This is a great event for adults and kids alike with food, games, music, and great people! This is one of the biggest fundraisers for the foundation of the year and helps them continue their mission.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for kids 12 and under, and can be purchased from or from Kenya Russell, Beth Sheils, Greg Shovak, Michael Makulis, Matthew Tuttle, Francis Brunet, Nancy Brunet, Stephanie Boutot or Rachel Woods. If you are considering attending we would appreciate buying a ticket in advance so we can gauge how much food to buy!

More info can be found on the Facebook event page (3rd Annual Carolyn Edwards Foundation Poker Run & Family Picnic) feel free to spread the word!

– The Carolyn Edwards Foundation

Words That Describe Us: Volume 85

Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc. - Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC.MANCHESTER and HARTFORD — Aetna Ambulance and ASM send Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of patients who have received emergency or STAT inter-facility services from our companies.

The final part of the survey asks that the respondent, “Please use a word or phrase to describe us and/or the ambulance crew.”

Some of the most recent answers and responses provided in the survey responses include the following quotes:

  • Very good.
  • Highly skilled + professional.
  • From the first introductions I felt I was in very capable hands. (16-43381; G. Geres, D. Hammett).
  • Very professional, caring and thorough.
  • Knowledgeable, caring + compassionate.
  • Caring, skilled, perfect teamwork and cooperation between ASM partners R and R. Great coordination with South Windsor Police. Medic inserted IV line perfectly, painlessly, enroute, every technician step was precise and thorough balanced with being personable and alleviating excess concern. It was my first 911 ambulance ride. He was excellent! EMT provided tech support in the home and before departure, drove safely and alleviated worry during transport and at hospital arrival. Great team. (16-46033; R. Bilodeau, R. Fross).
  • Reassuring! Wonderful! Kind!
  • Very nice/professional.
  • Wonderful service. No complaints.
  • Excellent service, compassionate care.
  • They were very respectful and caring – Thank you!
  • Very professional.
  • “GREAT”. The paramedics were very pleasant and respectful the entire time. (16-47910; G. Geres, T. Luetjen).
  • Very caring.
  • Ambulance crew was very professional and truly cared about how I was feeling.
  • Very caring/compassionate. I am most impressed with your service. It has been exceptional.
  • Perfection.
  • Caring.
  • Professional – compassionate.
  • Very professional and tried to keep me calm and comfortable while I was in their care. (16-46114; T. Wallace, L. Zalewski).
  • Caring.
  • Respectful.

“I am so happy to have met these two gentlemen”

Patient Satisfaction SurveyPraise for ASM’s Todd Marshall and David Tedeschi

SOUTH WINDSOR — In late July ASM received a patient satisfaction survey response for a call done by Paramedic Todd Marshall and his EMT partner Dave Tedeschi in South Windsor.

As noted in the picture, the wife of the patient checked off Strongly Agree with a check-plus to 17 check boxes related to patient satisfaction within the survey; all that applied.

In the narrative section the patient’s spouse shared some details of the care that her husband received. For the sake of privacy some of the information has been redacted in the following section.

She described the crew as “Extraordinary! Caring, Compassionate.” She went on to say, “I have always received excellent care from ASM.” She called them “very soothing and reassuring” and that their report to the hospital was beyond what she had experienced in the past and ensured the patient received a critical special accommodation.

She finished by saying, “they made a stressful situation a little bit better. They are a credit to your business. I am so happy to have met these two gentlemen.”

Praise again for Aetna’s Eric Thepsiri and Donna Achilli

Eric Thepsiri

Eric Thepsiri

WETHERSFIELD — In late July Aetna’s office received a patient satisfaction survey from a patient treated in Wethersfield in June by Eric Thepsiri and Donna Achilli. The patient had checked off every box with “Strongly Agree” to questions like, the Paramedic was highly skilled, kept you informed, relieved pain and anxiety. 15 boxes in total.

Donna Achilli

Donna Achilli

When asked to use a word or phrase to describe the crew the patient wrote, Fabulous!!.

In the narrative section the patient went on to write, “I was picked up by the Great Eric + Donna. They treated me above and beyond what I expected. We connected well. They were so professional and friendly. They stayed with my in the hospital until they had to leave and came to say goodbye! They are the absolute best!! We had some good laughs too 🙂 Tell them I say Hi!”

Note: Run #16-47131, certain information redacted for privacy.

Severe Weather Potential for Friday into Friday Night

Occasionally we will share severe weather information consequential to public health, public safety and EMS response.

What we know:

  • Scattered strong to severe thunderstorms may develop after 4 pm Friday afternoon and last to at least 11 pm.
  • Western and Northern Massachusetts as well as Northern CT have the best potential to see strong to severe thunderstorms.
  • Cannot rule out strong storms across RI and Eastern MA during the overnight hours on Friday into early Saturday morning.
  • Main threats within these storms will be damaging winds, hail, and heavy downpours which could lead to localized minor street flooding.
  • An a isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

What we don’t know:

  • Will Friday morning showers and/or cloud cover limit severe weather potential
  • The coverage of thunderstorms (scattered vs widespread event).
  • If storms will weaken or strengthen as they move eastward into RI and Eastern MA Friday evening into Friday night.

Heat issues Friday & Saturday:

  • Heat and humidity will return beginning Friday and last into the weekend.
  • Temperatures will warm into the low to mid 90s on both Friday and Saturday.
  • Heat Indices could reach the mid 90s on Friday and low 90s on Saturday.
  • Sunday will also be warm with temps in the low 90s.

Words That Describe Us: Volume 84

Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc. - Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC.MANCHESTER and HARTFORD — Aetna Ambulance and ASM send Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of patients who have received emergency or STAT inter-facility services from our companies.

The final part of the survey asks that the respondent, “Please use a word or phrase to describe us and/or the ambulance crew.”

Some of the most recent answers and responses provided in the survey responses include the following quotes:

  • They were great. Kind, professional and caring. (16-43478; T. LaChappelle, A. Linardo).
  • Very courteous.
  • Professional!
  • Very nice paramedics! They showed concern. Provided great care. (16-41861; J. Traber, T. Armas)
  • I was very nervous, their kindness + comfort were so appreciated. Wonderful people – Super job done. (16-44248; R. Jones, M. Pierce).
  • They showed concern, asked appropriate questions, checked on my comfort.
  • Professional. M + R did an excellent job. Thank you! (16-44752; M. Tuttle, R. Fraley).
  • Awesome.
  • Relaxed, calm, pleasant.
  • Courteous + Efficient.
  • Fantastic response.
  • They were helpful, fast, caring & professional. J Thank you for all the help. (16-44293; A. Debisschop, A. Hernandez).
  • Very courteous + highly efficient.
  • Very professional.
  • R + R were terrific. Their assessment + care were very professional. They made sure I was safe + secure right into the ER room. We were very pleased with all that R + R did. (16-45368; R. Bilodeau, R. Fross).
  • Very friendly.
  • They were very professional + caring individuals through my entire situation. (16-39950; E. Snoek, R. Bochman).
  • Professional, compassionate & well trained. The entire crew was great. They were calm and kept me calm and comforted. (16-40155; J. Rasmussen, S. Yenco with East Hartford Fire Department).
  • Wonderful – Outstanding.
  • Professional, seemed very well trained.

Stephanie Boutot Represents ASM in Boom Box Parade, 2016

Note: ASM is NOT the ambulance transport or paramedic service provider in Willimantic. In an emergency, always dial 9-1-1. 


Submitted by ASM’s Stephanie Boutot

WILLIMANTIC — I know the 4th has come and gone, but ASM is still America Strong! It was another successful year at the annual Boom Box Parade in Willimantic. ASM, in our traditional orange and blue, proudly wore red, white and blue to celebrate with the rest of the crowd for the momentous occasion.

The radio set to the 1400 WILI AM station as they played the parade music, a tradition that began in 1986 when no marching band was available for the parade. This year’s parade was held in 82 degree weather and lasted 96 minutes, the longest since the record breaker of 117 min in 2010.

I enjoy the reactions from the parade goers, young and old, with great big smiles, waves and cheers. We may not be the first responders in the town, but they know who we are and they seem to appreciate us here. It’s an event I look forward to every year!

Words That Describe Us: Volume 83

Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc. - Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC.MANCHESTER and HARTFORD — Aetna Ambulance and ASM send Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of patients who have received emergency or STAT inter-facility services from our companies.

The final part of the survey asks that the respondent, “Please use a word or phrase to describe us and/or the ambulance crew.”

Some of the most recent answers and responses provided in the survey responses include the following quotes:

  • Excellent.
  • Awesome!
  • Extremely professional, caring, calming. It was a terrible snowstorm and they got him from physician’s office to hospital safely.
  • The greatest team. Good people.
  • I was unconscious, however by son said that the ambulance came very quick and the paramedics knew what they were doing. (16-38122; K. Beaulieu, K. Ringuette with East Hartford Fire Department).
  • Great especially when I was in need!
  • They made both of us (me as a rider to the hospital) and my husband very calm and comfortable. (16-38562; R. Bilodeau, P. Gleason).
  • They were great. Outstanding. Thank you. The Best. (16-39540; R. Houser, L. Adamowich).
  • Very professional.
  • Professional. Caring.
  • Very satisfied. Chris was [in back with me] – he was extremely kind and explained everything before doing it. He is excellent!!! (16-39795; patient referencing Manchester Fire Rescue EMS paramedic with ASM).
  • Excellent job!
  • Very professional.
  • Skilled. Thank you.
  • Extremely caring & knowledgeable paramedic. Thank you. (16-39265; T. Oliver).
  • Excellent!!!
  • Compassionate, caring, respectful. (16-40355; J. Rasmussen, R. Fross).
  • Very professional, efficient and caring.
  • The crew was caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable. (16-41105; C. Everest, C. Tevnan with Manchester Fire Rescue EMS).
  • Professional + caring.
  • Very nice. Very professional.
  • Thank you for your skill and compassion. (16-41751; T. Armas, C. Lemire with East Hartford Fire Department).
  • Efficient.
  • Excellent crew.

Cleared for Independent Dispatch: ASM’s Ashley Linardo Completes Precepting Phase

Ashley LinardoMANCHESTER –  As of June 28, 2016, ASM’s Ashley Linardo has been cleared by Eastern Connecticut Health Network medical control for independent dispatch as a paramedic to the towns that ASM serves. Her preceptors were Paramedics Mike Levasseur and Dave White and Paramedic Supervisor Tim LaChappelle and Beth Sheils.

Ashley started at ASM in October of 2015 and graduated from the Capital Community College Paramedic program.  She started off in the medical field five years ago as a Patient Care Technician and a volunteer firefighter.

As with all precepting phases at ASM, Ashley’s final approval came from Eastern Connecticut Health Network after shadowing her and her preceptors in the field as they responded to emergency calls.

On behalf of the ASM Family, we would like to wish Ashley the best of luck and say we are very proud to have such skilled professionals on staff.

NEWS ALERT – Aetna Responds to I-91 Exit 26 for Motor Vehicle Accident

Photo credit: CT State Police Twitter feed

Photo credit: CT State Police Twitter feed

For Immediate Release:

ORIGINAL ALERT — Aetna Ambulance is responding to a motor vehicle accident on I-91 North at exit 24 in Wethersfield. Four ambulances are enroute as is an Operations Supervisor for coordination. Reported as six patients, two possibly critically injured at this time. Time of call 1551.

UPDATE – Two patients transported to Hartford Hospital. Four to Saint Francis Hospital, two of which were receiving advanced life support care as of 1622.

FINAL – Six total patients transported as below. No patients remain to be transported at this time.


Meet the Newest Members of the Team: Aetna Hires Four – 2016

HARTFORD — On June 22, 2016 three EMTs and one Paramedic were added to the Aetna team. As part of our continued growth Aetna and ASM seek out only the best candidates. We look for employees who are focused on high-quality patient care, are team oriented and conduct themselves in a professional manner. During the orientation, employees learn about company philosophy and goals, quality assurance, and policies and procedures.

Cole Ashker:   FULL TIME, EMT. My name is Cole Ashker and I am 24 years old. I was born in Burbank, CA, but lived in South Windsor, CT for the majority of my life. After finishing at South Windsor High School I attended UConn for 4 years. In May of 2014 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. During school I worked on campus, and continued to do so in a full time capacity after graduation. I never saw myself working a typical 9-5 job, and unfortunately I found that the job wasn’t meeting my desire to help my community. On the recommendation of my best friend Eric Thepsiri, I enrolled in the Hartford Hospital EMT-B course in 2015 and received my certification soon after. I didn’t know what to expect when I enrolled, but I found the material engaging and suited to my interests. When I’m not working I enjoy exercising, playing recreational sports, and finding new adventures to go on with friends. In addition, I’m hoping to start travelling the world and experiencing interesting and new things. I have been looking to enter public service for a long time, and I am extremely excited to start my career in EMS with Aetna Ambulance Service. I look forward to meeting and working the exceptional people of this company.

Chris Nelson:  FULL TIME, Paramedic. Hi my name is Chris.  I am originally from Rhode Island.  I started as an EMT in Cambridge Massachusetts and I went to Paramedic school at Yale New Haven Hospital while working at Aetna.  I have been living in Texas and working as a medic at Austin-Travis County EMS.  I missed blizzards and pumpkin spice coffee so I am moving back to Connecticut and looking forward to working at Aetna once again.

Anthony Palumbo:    PART TIME, EMT. My name is Anthony and I’m 23.  I graduated from UHART in May with a B.S. in Respiratory Therapy and I currently attend Capital for my Paramedic. I am new to the commercial ambulance service but have been a EMT for two and a half years. On my off time I volunteer as a firefighter for Farmington and EMT for Rocky Hill Ambulance. I really enjoy working in the medical field and I am excited to start at Aetna and be a part of the family. In my spare time I like grill, go to the beach, fishing and practicing archery along with doing anything else outdoors.

Anthony Valentine:   PART TIME, EMT. My name is Anthony Valentine, I am 23 years old an a 2016 graduate of Central Connecticut State University I graduated with a bachelors in Biology. I am from Bloomfield, Connecticut. I have a love for medicine and a strong desire to provide service to the world. I’ve worked  at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut since 2011 in patient transport and that opportunity reinforced my desire to work in the medical field and be of service in some way. One of my goals in life is to become an emergency surgeon. I love the anatomy of the body, its function and how everything is connected in someway.   Since a child I’ve always trying to identify new ways and new methods of doing things and medicine is a field I believe still needs innovation. I have horrible sinus allergies, hopefully I can find a long lasting cure. Outside of medicine I have an additional love; the ability to create ideas and bring them to fruition. I am a young entrepreneur I currently run a lifestyle magazine that I hope to compete with well known pop culture magazines like Fader and Complex. I enjoy speaking to youth and doing my best to influence them in a more positive direction. Becoming an EMT was something I wanted since the idea was introduced. The day I passed my cert, excitement overwhelmed my prior feelings of disappointment for having thought I failed. I’m Blessed!  I am a new EMT and received my schooling through the New Britain EMS academy. I am excited to begin this new journey with Aetna Ambulance Service, a place I am excited to call home.