Annual CCMC, CSP, ASM & Aetna Ambulance Toy Drive

The 2016 Toy Drive was again a great success. Below you will find a collage of pictures from the days spent collecting toys for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Above and Beyond!

Mitch KarrHartford – Aetna Paramedic and Preceptor Mitch Karr has recently joined a prestigious group of critical care providers by obtaining his Flight Paramedic Certification (FP-C). According to The International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC), “The FP-C certification targets competency at the mastery level of paramedic practice.” This accomplishment required over 6 months of self-study, and the successful completion of a grueling exam. While working full time, Mitch took it upon himself to develop the knowledge base necessary to achieve his goal. Paramedic Sam Dybdahl shares this distinction as well.

Their desire to continually progress as providers demonstrates the commitment our employees have to patient care.

On Veteran’s Day!



The Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC and Aetna Ambulance, Inc. would like to thank all past and present Veterans for their service to the United States of America. A special thank you to our employees that have served and continue to do so today. We are fortunate to have such patriotic individuals representing our team.

Words That Describe Us: Volume 89

Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc. - Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC.MANCHESTER and HARTFORD — Aetna Ambulance and ASM send Patient and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of patients who have received emergency or STAT inter-facility services from our companies.

The final part of the survey asks that the respondent, “Please use a word or phrase to describe us and/or the ambulance crew.”

Some of the most recent answers and responses provided in the survey responses include the following quotes:

  • They took care of my husband like their loved one.  Thank you all. (16-60808; G. Geres, M. Kleza).
  • Extremely Professional
  • They were both great
  • The ambulance crew was a good group of guys
  • Very nice people
  • Acted Professional
  • Speedy and Very Professional
  • Both members of the crew were respectful and the care they gave me was excellent! (16-6914; J Basora, T Dixon).
  • Reliable with Empathy
  • Knowledgeable/Caring
  • Everything was great; care level, courtesy, assessment skills, pain control (16-70099; W Valencia, R Davenport)
  •   I was very pleased with the speed they got here and the care they gave me (16- 70845 T. Armas, C. Lemire).
  • Very Professional, efficient
  • Competent
  • Very Professional, experienced
  • Very Professional and kind
  • Very Prompt-reassuring demeanor
  • Professional and caring
  • Highly professional and extremely knowledgeable (16-42737; M Traber, S Debarge)
  • Highly professional and caring!
  • Everyone was awesome. Made me feel more at ease in my time of need. (16-67734 D. Tedeschi, J Lentini)
  • Very caring, knew what they were doing. I’m very thankful for every one of these people. Please continue to help sick people and people in need. And never take anything for granted (16-71410 R. Davenport, N. Young)
  • They were attentive and skilled. I have bad veins and he was able to put IV in with no pain (16-73264 J. Monhan, F. Tomboly)
  • Kept me informed and calmed me down.
  • Prompt-courteous attendants
  • Appreciated
  • Outstanding!
  • Very caring service. Thank you!
  • Great treatment and concern could not have been better.
  • Caring, professional, and funny! (16-73491: J Duval, R. Bilodeau)
  • Excellent care was given. I felt comfortable and well cared for.

Meet the Newest Members of the Team: Aetna Hires Three – 2016

HARTFORD — In October, 2016 two EMTs and one Paramedic were added to the Aetna team. As part of our continued growth Aetna and ASM seek out only the best candidates. We look for employees who are focused on high-quality patient care, are team oriented and conduct themselves in a professional manner. During the orientation, employees learn about company philosophy and goals, quality assurance, and policies and procedures.

Courtney Graham:  FULL TIME, Paramedic. My name is Courtney Graham, I am 20 years old and currently live in Harwinton, CT. I have been in the field of Fire and EMS since my junior year of high school, volunteering for Harwinton Ambulance and HWSFD. I graduated college with a degree in Fire Science while attending classes at Wolcott State Fire School, and working as an EMT for Vintech the past couple years. I also help teach in the summer for Camp Fully Involved, an all women’s introduction to the fire service program at New Hampshire Fire Academy. After graduating, I attended New Britain EMS Academy Paramedic Program, where I found my true passion in Emergency Medicine. During the program I had the chance to complete part of my field internship with some of AETNA’s Paramedics and EMTs. I completed NBEMSA’s paramedic program in August as a part of Class 0815. I would like to work towards becoming a flight paramedic and eventually a D.O. where I hope to specialize in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Outside of EMS, I enjoy traveling, hiking trips to Vermont and New Hampshire, sketching, photography and being with friends and family. I’m very excited to be continuing my EMS career as a Paramedic with AETNA and meeting the rest of the team!

Kyle Kureczka:  PART TIME, EMT. Hi my name is Kyle Kureczka, I am from Berlin, CT. For the last 5 years I have lived in Newport, RI where I went to school and played at Salve Regina University. The last year I have been working in the ER of four hospitals as a medical scribe. Aetna will be my first time working as an EMT. I plan to use my experience as an EMT to one day go to PA school. In my spare time I like to play soccer, work out, read, and be outdoors.

Michael Quezada:  FULL TIME, EMT. My name is Michael Quezada, I am 25 years of age .I got into EMS because I enjoy helping others and it is a very rewarding job. This will be my first time working for EMS and I wish to gain as much medical experience as I can while working for Aetna Ambulance. My future plans for EMS include: working as an EMT for a few years and then going back to school to obtain my Paramedic license. My hobbies are: long boarding, bodybuilding, calisthenics, playing video games and martial arts. I look forward to working with everyone at Aetna Ambulance and making new friends!


“Advancing Medicine” Incorporates Aetna’s Response to Stroke Care

Advancing Medicine WFSB

An episode of Advancing Medicine on WFSB that aired in September 2011 included shots of Aetna Ambulance Service as part of the continuum of stroke care.

See the WFSB episode on their site here…

Aetna Ambulance Member of Finalist Group for “Team of the Year”

Ambulance Team of the Year Hartford Hospital Aetna Throughput Discharge Planning

The plaque and medal for 2011 Team of the Year finalist were presented by Hartford Healthcare President Elliot Joseph and Hartford Hospital CEO Jeff Flaks at a ceremony at the hospital on November 8th.

HARTFORD – Efficient patient flow and throughput is critical to any hospital’s clinical and financial performance. Late discharge times prevent the timely transition of all Patients and the early identification of available beds, resulting in delays in appropriate Patient placement, increased length of stay, and the inefficient use of resources. To address inefficiencies and possible synergies, Hartford Hospital commissioned the Discharge Planning Action Group (DPAG). Continue reading