Meet Gizmo, Healer of Hearts

Gizmo Therapy Dog HuffPoPublished August 14, 2015 on the Huffington Post. The article used a picture of Gizmo perched atop an ASM stretcher in front of an ASM ambulance, taken at a Health Fair at Crestfield Rehabilitation Center and Fenwood Manor. Read the whole article here…

Meet Gizmo, a 3.5-pound wonderdoglet on a mission to change the world one doggy hug at a time. I connected with Jen Adams (Gizmo’s human) while getting the word out about my picture book Rumplepimple. We appeared on the same episode of The Pet Radio Show, and as I learned more, I began to wonder how such a wee creature could make such a huge difference.

The “Gizmo’s Frens” Facebook page has almost 80,000 followers. Why do you think he has become so popular?

Truthfully, I am shocked at the size and diversity of Gizmo’s following. They come from all walks of life, from all over the world, and they are all there to share a sense of kindness and good will. Maybe people first respond to the same thing I did: his lil’ face and his excellent ears. I think when they learn what he’s about and see his message, they want to be a part of making a positive difference.

You two do amazing work in all sorts of venues. Tell us how you got started.

Before Gizmo found me, I lost the love of my life suddenly. Gizmo, with his gentle, loving nature, facilitated a real transformation for me. I went from a grieving, lost soul who was full of self-pity to having this amazing little creature whom I knew could change lives other than my own. Gizmo forced me to step outside of myself and help others, and, in so doing, he channeled healing in me.

During the very early stages of our journey, Gizmo exhibited a keen sense of people’s emotions. He would seek out people who were having a tough time, and climb into their laps or lie beside them, as if to say, “Listen. I see you are hurting, and I will help you, ok? Cuz we’re frens.”

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Gizmo the Therapy Dog Talks Up ASM at Crestfield Health Fair

Gizmo Therapy DogMANCHESTER — From the Facebook account of Gizmo, the Therapy Dog:

“Hi Frens! After a great day at his excellent high school, Gizmo was so excited to his ASM ambulance frens at the Crestfield Rehabilitation Center Health Fair today. Gizmo has gladly ridden on these beds with patients before, to help calm them before they go into the ambulance.  We would like to thank the ASM Ambulance staff, all rescue workers, for the wonderful, selfless work you do comforting those in need and saving lives. Cuz we’re frens!”

ASM to Appear at Crestfield Rehabilitation Center’s Wellness Fair

CrestfieldMANCHESTER — On Thursday, October 10, 2013 a crew from the Ambulance Service of Manchester will appear at Crestfield Rehabilitation Center and Fenwood Manor, a skilled nursing facility in Manchester. The rehab center is holding its annual Wellness Fair and Apple Festival from 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm.

Free Flu Shots, oral care, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screenings will be done on-site as well as muscle and nerve screens, balance testing, chair massage and more. ASM’s crew will give ambulance tours and describe our services.

Crestfield is at 565 Vernon Street in Manchester. Contact Kelly at (860) 643-5151 with questions.