Historical Photos: Aetna Ambulance Service #9

HARTFORD —Unknown date (presumably early to mid 1960’s) and unknown location (although somewhere in Hartford). Howard Grady is visible working to move a patient with the assistance of bystanders. Many historical photos that revolve around trauma include bystander help and assembled crowds.

Aetna Ambulance Historical Photography Hartford

Historical Photos: Aetna Ambulance Service #8

HARTFORD — Dated from 1950 and appearing in the Price and Lee Company catalog directory, this ad declares Aetna Ambulance, “A service that’s right Day or Night.”

Interesting to note that we still operate an exchange that ends in 6792.

Aetna Ad 1950

Hartford Hospital ED Presents Plaque Dedicated to Aetna and the Grady Family

HARTFORD —  A plaque commemorating Aetna Ambulance and the company’s founding family, the Grady’s, was unveiled at a June 11, 2014 ceremony at Hartford Hospital’s Emergency Department. The plaque hangs in the ambulance triage area.

Remarks thanking the Grady Family and Aetna Ambulance for their contribution to EMS in the area were made by Chief Emergency Physician Dr. Jeff Finkelstein. Ms. Diane Evans, the daughter of Howard and Ethel Grady, was on hand to represent the family and accept the plaque. Photos and light refreshments followed.

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