High Praise for ASM Crew

MANCHESTER: Ambulance Service of Manchester Paramedic Robert Bilodeau and EMTs Sandra Parker and Amanda Larochelle received the following feedback from a patient satisfaction survey.  “From the moment that the ASM crew entered my apartment, I knew I was in good hands. As they began to glean information, it was apparent that they were concerned and extremely professional. They assessed my condition rapidly and began treatment at once. They performed perfectly as a team and also alleviated my anxiety by explaining exactly what and why they were doing it. Once I was in the ambulance, the [crew] gave me anti-nausea medication which gave me immediate relief from discomfort, as well as, anxiety. I am confident it provided a certain level of relief to the ambulance crew as well. As proof of the team’s efficiency, my blood pressure markedly lowered from the time they arrived at my apartment to the time I arrived at the hospital. If you wish to share any or all of this story with the public, you have permission.”

Thank You- You Saved My Son’s Life

SOUTH WINDSOR — In mid April, 2017 ASM received another heartfelt Thank You card directed to ASM Paramedics Matt Tuttle and Rob Bilodeau and EMTs Bekka Fross and Jeff Hornish. The card reads:

I wanted to thank the ASM team that came to our house and saved my son’s life. You can’t imagine how much that means to my son and our whole family. You are the best! Your expertise and speed to save him was outstanding. Thank you again and again.


Thank You Card to ASM’s Rob Bilodeau and Joe Startup

SOUTH WINDSOR — In early June, 2015 ASM received another heartfelt Thank You card directed to ASM Paramedic Rob Bilodeau and EMT Joe Startup. The card reads:

Bilodeau and Startup Card“Dear Sirs:

I wish to thank the 2 men who helped me so much the night of March 13th. They transported me all the way from South Windsor to Backus Hospital at my request. They could not have been kinder and more respectful then they were. I feel they saved my life. It seems I had double pneumonia and heart problems brought on by becoming very ill and being 80 years old. I went from the healthiest 80 year old to the sickest 80 year old in just two days. How wonderful for me that such men [worked on] this ambulance.”