ASM appears in ECHN Commercial!






Over the course of the next several weeks, ASM will be featured in a television commercial recently produced by Eastern Connecticut Health Network. EMT’s Erind Muco and Chris Tevnan can be viewed within the advertisement along with a clip of a Mercedes Sprinter ambulance. The commercial represents a portion of the comprehensive campaign; demonstrating just a few of the technological advancements offered within ECHN’s community setting.

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ECHN is not just east of the river, it’s East of Ordinary.

8th Annual “Emergency of Hunger” Food Drive Results



MANCHESTER – The 8th Annual “Emergency of Hunger” Food Drive, composed of first responders, Rotary members, and others, was a great success! Their combined efforts continue to make a deep and widening impact on hunger in greater Hartford. This year volunteers from Manchester, Vernon, South Windsor, Windsor, and Stop & Shop Supermarkets collected a staggering 34,000+ food items, 650+ turkeys, and almost $16,000 in gift card and monitory donations.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the community over the last eight years, we have been able to collect a total of 247,000+ food items, 7,000+ turkeys, and over $159,500 in gift card and monitory donations.

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ASM Appears in National News!


Photo Credit: Jim Michaud

East Hartford – On Tuesday, October 11th, a Piper PA 34 aircraft (information provided by the F.A.A.) crashed on the 400 block of Main Street in East Hartford prompting a whirlwind of news coverage. The above picture was released on the US News and World Report website later that evening.

Working alongside East Hartford and Pratt and Whitney Fire departments, in conjunction with East Hartford Police, The Ambulance Service of Manchester responded to the scene with a total of 5 ambulances and an Operations Supervisor vehicle.  Two patients were transported with ASM and East Hartford Fire Paramedics to area hospitals.

Ambulance Service of Manchester does not publish pictures of patients or their family members.  This picture was published by The US News and World Report.



CT Children’s and State Police Toy Drive in Pictures – 2015

Stores, Emergency Personnel ‘Stuff A Truck’ To Help Families

South Windsor Toy DriveHARTFORD COURANT

by Quron Walker

Local first responders, along with Stop & Shop, 1739 Ellington Road, and Geissler’s Supermarket, 965 Sullivan Ave., held the annual “Stuff A Truck” event on Dec. 12 to gather money, food, and toys for South Windsor families in need.

The South Windsor Police Department partnered with the South Windsor Fire Department, and Ambulance Service of Manchester helped as well. The organizations worked together to collect food and toys at the locations.

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Nora Young, an EMT with Ambulance Service of Manchester, said she was happy with the turnout and with how residents support one another, as well.

“People always want to help their community out,” she said. “We just give them a place to do it.”

‘Stuff a Truck’ toy, food drive set

(Photo courtesy of South Windsor Police Department)

(Photo courtesy of South Windsor Police Department)

Emergency services personnel will be at both stores receiving toys, clothing, food, and cash donations from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Toys should be new and unwrapped.

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Another Good Year For Emergency Of Hunger Food Drive


By Jesse Leavenworth

MANCHESTER — Donations to the Emergency of Hunger Food Drive show the region’s generosity has not diminished.

Police, firefighters, emergency medical providers and other volunteers gathered food and other gifts over the past two weekends at supermarkets in Manchester, Rocky Hill, South Windsor, Vernon and Windsor.

Estimated totals were: 26,000 food and personal care items; $23,000 in cash, checks and gift cards; and 870 turkeys and hams, organizer Dave Skoczulek of Ambulance Service of Manchester said Tuesday.

Total donations for the seven years that first responders have run the drive are 210,000 food and personal care items, $143,000 in cash, checks and gift cards and over 6,000 turkeys and hams. Read the whole story here….

First Responders In Six Towns Prepare For Food Drive

Kyle Caldwell, left, and Dave Tedeschi, emergency medical technicians with Ambulance Service of Manchester, at the 2013 Emergency of Hunger Food Drive.

Kyle Caldwell, left, and Dave Tedeschi, emergency medical technicians with Ambulance Service of Manchester, at the 2013 Emergency of Hunger Food Drive.


by Jesse Leavenworth

First responders in Manchester and five other towns are gearing up for the Emergency of Hunger Food Drive, an annual effort that organizers say has proven vital to food pantries in the region.

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“Many of the area food banks have come to rely on this food drive and the generosity of shoppers to get them through the holiday season,” Skoczulek said.

To date, he said, volunteers have collected about 187,000 food and personal care items, 5,500 turkeys and over $120,000 in cash, checks and gift cards.

“All we ask is for each shopper to purchase one extra item to donate,” Skoczulek said. “Many shoppers go well beyond this and donate multiple items — sometimes even whole shopping carts. But every little bit helps, so we appreciate each item.”

All locations are Stop & Shop supermarkets, except for Geissler’s Supermarket on Sullivan Avenue in South Windsor.

• Manchester: 286 Broad St., Saturday and Sunday and Nov. 21 and 22 — 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• Rockville section of Vernon: 50 Windsorville Road, Saturday and Sunday and Nov. 21 and 22 — 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• Rocky Hill: 80 Town Line Road, Saturday and Sunday and Nov. 21 — 9 a.m. to 4 p.m..

• Vernon: 10 Pitkin Road, Saturday and Sunday and Nov. 21 and 22 — 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• Windsor: 1095 Kennedy Road, Saturday and Sunday — 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

• South Windsor: 1739 Ellington Road, Nov. 21 and 22 — 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

• South Windsor: Geissler’s Supermarket, 965 Sullivan Ave., Nov. 21 and 22 — 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

• Enfield collection dates, times and locations are to be announced.

“Every year we hope for good weather and holiday cheer to help us through,” Skoczulek said, “but no matter what, we always seem to bring in a big haul for those in need.”

Meet Gizmo, Healer of Hearts

Gizmo Therapy Dog HuffPoPublished August 14, 2015 on the Huffington Post. The article used a picture of Gizmo perched atop an ASM stretcher in front of an ASM ambulance, taken at a Health Fair at Crestfield Rehabilitation Center and Fenwood Manor. Read the whole article here…

Meet Gizmo, a 3.5-pound wonderdoglet on a mission to change the world one doggy hug at a time. I connected with Jen Adams (Gizmo’s human) while getting the word out about my picture book Rumplepimple. We appeared on the same episode of The Pet Radio Show, and as I learned more, I began to wonder how such a wee creature could make such a huge difference.

The “Gizmo’s Frens” Facebook page has almost 80,000 followers. Why do you think he has become so popular?

Truthfully, I am shocked at the size and diversity of Gizmo’s following. They come from all walks of life, from all over the world, and they are all there to share a sense of kindness and good will. Maybe people first respond to the same thing I did: his lil’ face and his excellent ears. I think when they learn what he’s about and see his message, they want to be a part of making a positive difference.

You two do amazing work in all sorts of venues. Tell us how you got started.

Before Gizmo found me, I lost the love of my life suddenly. Gizmo, with his gentle, loving nature, facilitated a real transformation for me. I went from a grieving, lost soul who was full of self-pity to having this amazing little creature whom I knew could change lives other than my own. Gizmo forced me to step outside of myself and help others, and, in so doing, he channeled healing in me.

During the very early stages of our journey, Gizmo exhibited a keen sense of people’s emotions. He would seek out people who were having a tough time, and climb into their laps or lie beside them, as if to say, “Listen. I see you are hurting, and I will help you, ok? Cuz we’re frens.”

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Historical Photos: Ambulance Service of Manchester #14

ASM Historical 11MANCHESTER — Year unknown, likely early 1960’s. Pictured is Manchester Ambulance (now known as ASM) patriarch Roger Talbot (standing, upper left) on the scene of a motor vehicle accident. Many of the ‘car wrecks’ from the time have the patients out on the ground, either due to concern over fire or simply because they were ‘thrown clear’.

Click on the photo to see full size. Can you identify anyone else in the photo?

Photo credit and many thanks to Kenny Burkamp.

ASM Responds: Minor injuries reported in bus crash on I-384

WFSB 3 Connecticut

From WFSB. Read the full story here...

By Joseph Wenzel IV, News Editor


Students were injured after a crash involving a school bus on Interstate 384 in Manchester on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The two-vehicle crash was reported on the westbound side of I-384 near 4 around 4 p.m.  Police said the bus was rear-ended by another vehicle.

Police said 25 children were on board of the bus at the time of the crash.

Officials said the school bus was from Bolton Elementary School headed to East Hartford.

Students were injured in the crash but their injuries are being described as “minor.” Five ambulances were called to the scene and there was possibly 25 patients, state police said.

Officials from Ambulance Service of Manchester said nine students were transported by ambulance to area hospitals, while three students refused care and 18 other students were transported to area hospitals by bus.

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Manchester First Responders Finish Shoveling Job After Homeowner Dies

Hartford Courant

by Jesse Leavenworth

MANCHESTER — First responders who tried to save a man’s life Tuesday when he collapsed while shoveling his roof returned to the home after the man died to finish the job he started.

“In all honesty, it’s not surprising, you know, the compassion of our community and our first responders, but this to me was just amazing,” police Officer Bernie Hallums said Wednesday.

The emergency call from 12 Scott Drive came in at 9:45 a.m. Hallums said he and other police officers climbed a ladder to the roof and rendered life­saving aid, but the man remained unconscious and later died.

Later that morning, Hallums, along with Officers Adam Desso and Tomas Kazcerski, firefighters from the town and Eighth Utilities District and Ambulance Service of Manchester medics returned to the home to finish shoveling the roof. 

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Historical Photos: Ambulance Service of Manchester #13

MANCHESTER — Year unknown, likely early 1970’s. Pictured is Manchester Ambulance (now known as ASM) and its patriarch Roger Talbot in plaid slacks with employee and friend Frank Axiak who died in 2011. They are standing in front of the former headquarters on East Center Street.

Did you work for Manchester Ambulance on East Center Street?

Click on picture to enlarge.

Ambulance Service of Manchester - Manchester Ambulance 1 Ambulance Service of Manchester - Manchester Ambulance 1 Roger Talbot, Frank Axiak

Myths about organ donation, and its relation to EMS, debunked

WFSB 3 Connecticut


Organ donation is a popular topic, however there are some myths that may keep people from joining the registry.

Organ donors can change the lives of so many people in need.

“A gift of medicine, that only a person can give,” said Caitlyn Bernabucci, of Life Choice Donor Services. “Just one donor can help more than 50 people through the gift of organs and tissues.”

She said the need is great right now, and that about 21 people die every day waiting for a transplant.

Still, more than half of Connecticut residents are not signed up for the donor registry, and Bernabucci said some damaging misconceptions are to blame.

“We want to make sure people understand the facts,” she said.

The first misconception is that organs will be taken before the person is actually dead, but that simply is not the case. Read the whole story here…

State Police Bring Toys to Kids in the Hospital


Monday, Dec 22, 2014 • Updated at 5:16 PM EST NBC Connecticut

The look of pure joy on a child’s face melts the hearts of veteran troopers.

“This is a good day. We wish every day could be Christmas,” said Lt. Col. Butch Hyatt of the Connecticut State Police.

State troopers went door-to-door at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford on Monday, handing out toys to children in the hospital’s emergency department. From Barbie dolls to blocks, the wish lists were covered, and troopers raised more than $20,000 thanks to the generosity of people around the state.

“Every toy you see, and all the dollars in the check, come from the public from their hearts, so these children can have a good Christmas,” said Hyatt.

But the toy giveaway isn’t limited to Christmas. State police, the Ambulance Service of Manchester and Aetna Ambulance collect toys around the holidays as part of an 18-year tradition and hand them out year round. Read the full article here...