Love our First Responders Event in Manchester









MANCHESTER — On Valentine’s Day, the staff and residents of Arbors of Hop Brook Retirement Community graciously hosted a “Love our First Responders” breakfast demonstrating their appreciation and respect for The Ambulance Service of Manchester, Manchester Police Department, and Manchester Fire Department. Members of each agency were invited to the facility for breakfast sandwiches, candies and a chance to socialize with thankful residents.

ASM Plays in Annual Charity Softball Tournament!

MANCHESTER — On September 16, 2017 Ambulance Service of Manchester employees returned to play in an annual charity softball tournament against teams from Manchester Police Department and Manchester Fire Rescue EMS. Proceeds from the event benefit the Manchester Police Benevolent Association. Photos from members of all three agencies can be viewed below!

ASM Plays in Charity Softball Tournament

img_0062MANCHESTER — On September 17, 2016 a team made up of Ambulance Service of Manchester employees played in a charity softball tournament against teams from Manchester Police Department and Manchester Fire Rescue EMS to benefit the Manchester Police Benevolent Association.

Praise for an MFRE and ASM Response

Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance ASM FMANCHESTER — In August of 2016 ASM received an email from a patient in Manchester for a response in July. In it she praised the care she received from ASM’s Luke Zalewski and Sean McNeff working with Manchester Fire Rescue EMS (MFRE) firefighter-paramedics. The email read as follows:

The ambulance crew was so kind to me I have been wanting to send them a thank you note. I was in so much pain when they arrived at my house, and as a young woman I was worried they might not take my complaints seriously, but they did. When they arrived I was in so much pain I could barely stand up. They helped me out of the house, but they also went the extra mile of reassuring me that my two cats did not get out of the house when they left the door open. They described both cats to me and said they had seen them both go into the basement. This really helped me to relax  in a difficult situation. They could have just told me not to worry about it, but they took all of my concerns seriously.

On the way to the hospital they administered medication in an IV that helped my pain decrease. I was scared when I arrived at the hospital because I was alone but they reassured me they would not leave me by myself. I typically use alternative medicine because I have previously had many negative experiences with the conventional medical system, but this was not one of them. I am so grateful I called that day and so grateful that the crew treated me with so much care and respect. I felt they really went above and beyond to make sure that I felt as comfortable and safe as possible. What wonderful people! The doctors believe I had a ruptured cyst and I am feeling better now. Thank you so much!

[This redacted and de-identified story and commentary appears with the patient’s express permission]

Manchester First Responders Finish Shoveling Job After Homeowner Dies

Hartford Courant

by Jesse Leavenworth

MANCHESTER — First responders who tried to save a man’s life Tuesday when he collapsed while shoveling his roof returned to the home after the man died to finish the job he started.

“In all honesty, it’s not surprising, you know, the compassion of our community and our first responders, but this to me was just amazing,” police Officer Bernie Hallums said Wednesday.

The emergency call from 12 Scott Drive came in at 9:45 a.m. Hallums said he and other police officers climbed a ladder to the roof and rendered life­saving aid, but the man remained unconscious and later died.

Later that morning, Hallums, along with Officers Adam Desso and Tomas Kazcerski, firefighters from the town and Eighth Utilities District and Ambulance Service of Manchester medics returned to the home to finish shoveling the roof. 

Read the whole story here…

High Praise for Manchester Fire Rescue EMS and ASM Team

MFRE ASMMANCHESTER — On March 30, 2014 a crew from ASM responded with Manchester Fire-Rescue-EMS (MFRE)’s Truck 2 to a complaint of difficulty breathing. The patient responded to ASM’s satisfaction survey and had glowing things to say about the entire team: MFRE Truck 2’s Mike, Tim (paramedic), Jim and Angelo and ASM’s Bobbi Basque and Lauren Mathiau.

The patient answered “Strongly Agree” to all 16 clinical-based satisfaction questions. When asked to use a word to describe the team, the patient wrote “Professional.” The patient was brought directly to the Cardiac Catherization lab at Hartford Hospital.

The patient then hand wrote the following comments: “Thanks to Manchester Fire Rescue and the ASM people…they saved my life. As soon as [EMS] came in they made the decision to get me in the ambulance and moving to the hospital and had the hospital ready. Doctor said ten more minutes and I would not be here. They kept me alive, took me to the right place, in time and the Hospital took it from there. What can I say? Thank you to the people that provided the service and especially [the EMS team]. Time was short and they made the right decision and knew what they were doing. Again, thank you for saving my life.”


Praise for ASM’s Stacy DeBarge

Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC. - Stacy DeBarge

ASM’s Stacy DeBarge

I would like to bring to your attention the actions of [Manchester Fire Rescue EMS Firefighter Paramedic] and ASM EMT Stacy DeBarge of Unit 510.

On 1/XX/2014 Engine X responded to XX Lane for a Medical Alarm. The Incident turned out to be a lift assist only. The patient was an elderly women who had fallen out of bed and had been on the floor most of the night.

After determining the patient was not injured she was assisted into a chair. Patient has a home health aide on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s. As this was a Tuesday morning the patient would not have assistance during the day. When learning of this [MFRE Firefighter Paramedic] and Stacy assisted the patient upstairs to get dry clothes as she was wet and had soiled herself. Stacy assisted by [MFRE Firefighter Paramedic] helped the patient shower and get into dry clothes. Patient was assisted back downstairs and into her chair. Arrangements were made for the patients niece to check on her later.

Calling this incident a lift assist only barely scratches the surface as to the above and beyond care that was provided by [MFRE Firefighter Paramedic] and Stacy, who were assisted by John Bonneau, ASM EMT, and [MFRE Firefighter].

I would also like to note that ASM had been dismissed and choose to stay and help.

Thought you would like to know.

[MFRE Lieutenant]

ASM and MFRE: Fire Prevention Week Open House

MANCHESTER — From a card received October 24, 2012:

Manchester Fire Rescue EMS - Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC.On behalf of the Fire Department and myself, I would like to thank you and the EMS crews who participated with us during our open house. As a long standing partner and critical component of our EMS [system], it was only appropriate for ASM to be there!

The EMS crews were polite, courteous and professional. They took the time to answer questions, give tours of the ambulance and displayed much of their medical equipment.

Again, I would like to express our gratitude and thanks!


FF Jay Gonzalez

Manchester Fire Rescue EMS (MFRE)