Kudos from the Cath Lab: Volume 3

Kudos from the Cath Lab

Kudos from the Cath Lab

(Content that follows is excerpted from an email from the Hartford Hospital cardiac team…)

Great job everyone.

I though you would like to know that today’s STEMI times were as follows:

Door to Balloon Time – 36 minutes

EMS to Balloon time – 69 minutes

The system-organized response was initiated in the field (town withheld) where the pre-hospital ECG was transmitted by AETNA Ambulance to the Hartford Hospital Emergency Department and then forwarded to the Cath Lab (Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory). Many should be congratulated, in particular:

  1. Drs. McKay and Almahasnen and the Cath Lab team (A. Almeida, R. Fisher, E. Letoutneau)
  2. Drs. Smally, Sullivan and the ED team (C. Urso, A. Mugovero)
  3. Last but not least, the AETNA Paramedics Ashley Harkins and Preston Ryzak for timely ECG interpretation and transmission. Continue reading