Aetna’s Ashley Harkins and Justine Monahan Visit Wethersfield Brownies

Wethersfield BrowniesWETHERSFIELD — On April 16, 2015 Aetna’s Ashley Harkins and Justine Monahan visited Brownie Troop 10262 out of Wethersfield, CT. The two afforded the girls the opportunity to learn from strong female role models.

Scouting troop visits serve to increase children’s awareness of Emergency Medical Services, when to call 911, what Paramedics and EMTs do to help people and why serving the community is important.

Aetna Promotes Ashley Harkins to Field Training Officer (FTO)

Ashley Harkins FTO - Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc.HARTFORD — On April 5, 2013 Aetna Ambulance Service promoted Ashley Harkins from within its Paramedic ranks to the post of Field Training Officer: FTOs are utilized primarily to train newly hired employees in the performance of their duties in the provision of emergency care. Ashley was cleared for independent dispatch as a paramedic for Aetna Ambulance on May 4, 2012. 

The FTO and new employee spend several shifts together, with an EMT partner who acts as a driver. During this time the new employee learns the ins and outs of the job done the ASM or Aetna way, including clinical skills, operations, radios, facilities, equipment and much more. FTOs are selected for their knowledge of the company, their positive attitude, willingness to teach and dedication to quality. Our companies are fortunate to have a “deep bench” in this regard.

Cleared for Independent Dispatch: Aetna’s Ashley Harkins Completes Precepting Phase

Aetna's Ashley Harkins and Hartford Hospital's Mike Zacchera

Aetna's Ashley Harkins and Hartford Hospital's Mike Zacchera

HARTFORD – As of April 26, 2012, Aetna’s Ashley Harkins has been cleared by Hartford Hospital medical control for independent dispatch as a paramedic to the towns that Aetna serves.

Ashley’s preceptor was Paramedic Preston Ryzak. The full precepting phase can take ten to 12 weeks or more as the paramedic is prepped for the realities of the field. As with all precepting phases at Aetna, Ashley’s final approval came from the Hartford Hospital EMS/Trauma Coordinator who shadowed Ashley and her preceptor in the field as they responded to emergency calls.

On behalf of the Aetna Family, we welcome our newest Paramedic, Ashley Harkins and would like to wish her the best of luck. We are very proud to have such skilled professionals on staff.

Kudos from the Cath Lab: Volume 3

Kudos from the Cath Lab

Kudos from the Cath Lab

(Content that follows is excerpted from an email from the Hartford Hospital cardiac team…)

Great job everyone.

I though you would like to know that today’s STEMI times were as follows:

Door to Balloon Time – 36 minutes

EMS to Balloon time – 69 minutes

The system-organized response was initiated in the field (town withheld) where the pre-hospital ECG was transmitted by AETNA Ambulance to the Hartford Hospital Emergency Department and then forwarded to the Cath Lab (Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory). Many should be congratulated, in particular:

  1. Drs. McKay and Almahasnen and the Cath Lab team (A. Almeida, R. Fisher, E. Letoutneau)
  2. Drs. Smally, Sullivan and the ED team (C. Urso, A. Mugovero)
  3. Last but not least, the AETNA Paramedics Ashley Harkins and Preston Ryzak for timely ECG interpretation and transmission. Continue reading