A Special Note!

MANCHESTER – In early April, The Ambulance Service of Manchester received a hand written thank you letter addressed to EMT’s Mike Sparks and Stacy DeBarge. The note, as depicted below, is in regards to a transport completed a few months prior.


I would like to thank the young lady and gentleman who assisted me to the ER this past February. They were soothing, gentle, and very knowledgeable. I needed a “life LOL,” and their combined grace and joy did just that for me. Thank you again.

ASM Receives Award from Vernon FD!

On Monday, February 27th, 2017, The Ambulance Service of Manchester received a Unit Citation during the Town of Vernon Fire Department’s annual award ceremony. As noted in the photo, the accolade was presented due to ASM’s participation in the August 4th, 2016, East Street home explosion. Along with multiple other agencies, ASM was called upon to provide mutual aid. Paramedic Greg Derosier and partner EMT John Bush, along with Paramedic Todd Marshall and partner EMT Stacy DeBarge responded to the scene to provide care and rapid transport to the critically injured residents. The outcome of the incident demonstrates the true benefit that can occur when members of the first responder community work together.


As provided within the citation:

“Your department’s participation in this operation will not be forgotten and appreciated through the fruitful lives that the trapped residents now have the opportunity to fulfill.”

Praise for ASM’s Stacy DeBarge

Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC. - Stacy DeBarge

ASM’s Stacy DeBarge

I would like to bring to your attention the actions of [Manchester Fire Rescue EMS Firefighter Paramedic] and ASM EMT Stacy DeBarge of Unit 510.

On 1/XX/2014 Engine X responded to XX Lane for a Medical Alarm. The Incident turned out to be a lift assist only. The patient was an elderly women who had fallen out of bed and had been on the floor most of the night.

After determining the patient was not injured she was assisted into a chair. Patient has a home health aide on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s. As this was a Tuesday morning the patient would not have assistance during the day. When learning of this [MFRE Firefighter Paramedic] and Stacy assisted the patient upstairs to get dry clothes as she was wet and had soiled herself. Stacy assisted by [MFRE Firefighter Paramedic] helped the patient shower and get into dry clothes. Patient was assisted back downstairs and into her chair. Arrangements were made for the patients niece to check on her later.

Calling this incident a lift assist only barely scratches the surface as to the above and beyond care that was provided by [MFRE Firefighter Paramedic] and Stacy, who were assisted by John Bonneau, ASM EMT, and [MFRE Firefighter].

I would also like to note that ASM had been dismissed and choose to stay and help.

Thought you would like to know.

[MFRE Lieutenant]

High Praise for ASM’s Stacy DeBarge and Jonathan Bush

Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC. - Stacy DeBarge

ASM’s Stacy DeBarge

“My mom had her first ride with your company yesterday on 10/1/13 from Hospital for Special Care by Stacy and Jon and I must commend them for being so professional. My mom has been through a lot and is a very anxious person and they took that into consideration and they explained everything they were doing to her which eased her anxiety tremendously. I explained to them that she had lots going on in her abdomen area so they were especially gentle with her.

“They were polite, courteous, friendly and patient for the entire duration of

Ambulance Service of Manchester, LLC. - Jonathan Bush

ASM’s Jonathan Bush

our time with them. Jon even held a conversation with my mom on the ride to the Doctor’s office. They respected her dignity and kept her covered. They looked very professional in there attire, I was tremendously impressed and would look forward to a ride with either of them if ever needed in the future. I would like to add that they were punctual and got us to our appointment on time and they were patient waiting while the doctor’s office had detained us longer than anticipated.”

-Patient’s Daughter (#13-86061)