Team ASM-AETNA Blood Drive Results

MANCHESTER- On Wednesday October 2nd, 2018 Team ASM-Aetna hosted its second American Red Cross Blood Drive at ASM’s headquarters. Numerous employees, friends, and family members participated in the day-long event. Aetna and ASM have committed to hosting a drive twice a year. The next event is scheduled for 5/1/2019.

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A note from the Red Cross:

Thank you for helping to save lives with the American Red Cross. When you made the commitment to sponsor a blood drive, you helped save lives. Your efforts have helped boost the community blood supply and ensure hospital patients have the lifesaving blood they need.

Your Recent Blood Drive Results:Your blood drive registered 27 donors and collected 26 pints of blood. You and your team also registered 9 first time donors.

Thank you for your gifts of time and support. We truly appreciate your generosity. The patients who have benefited from the blood collected at your blood drive are beyond grateful.

ASM’s Coat Drive Results

MANCHESTER-The results are in for the first ASM Coat Drive! Thanks to employees, family members and friends, a total of 26 jackets along with multiple, hats, coats and scarves were collected. ASM’s Laura McHugh was the driving force for this initiative. All donations were delivered to the Manchester Area Conference of Churches (M.A.C.C.) clothing store “Community Threads” located at 466 Main Street in Manchester. A quote from Laura, the event organizer is provided below.


Thanks so much to everyone involved! Year one turned out to be more of a success than anticipated. It’s amazing to see how your compassion for helping others does not end with patient care. Can’t wait for next year’s results!

Aetna and ASM attend Mercedes Sprinter Adaptive Electronic Stability Program

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ — On August 7, 2012, members of Aetna and ASM’s Operations team and the Fleet Service Manager attended a training and demonstration session of the Adaptive Electronic Stability Program. ESP is standard on the Sprinter Ambulances that Aetna Ambulance and ASM operate. The training was held regionally at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Operating Mercedes Benz Sprinter Ambulances equipped with Adaptive ESP is part of Aetna and ASM’s long-term commitment to the safety of our patients and EMS crews. Aetna and ASM are in the process of transitioning to all Sprinters for the regular fleet and currently operate 33 Sprinter Ambulances.

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