“Although I was nervous and upset, they helped to calm me…”


MANCHESTER – In late September Ambulance Service of Manchester received a letter of praise for Paramedic Kenya Russell and her EMT partner Robert Grzywinski from a patient they transported during an inter-facility transfer.

 The letter reads:

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know the two people who transported me from Windham Hospital to Hartford Hospital on [Date in August] were wonderful to me.

Although I was nervous and upset, they helped to calm me, and put me at ease.

If I remember, the lady’s name was Kenya.  She asked me what kind of music I wanted to hear.  I said off the top of my head Vienna Waltzes and low and behold she played a [song] which made me smile.

Those two people are certainly in the right line of work.  I will never forget their kindness.”


ASM’s Kenya Russell Receives Saint Francis 2015 EMS Champion Award

Kenya Russell with Saint Francis Hospital's John Quinlavin

Kenya Russell with Saint Francis Hospital’s John Quinlavin

HARTFORD — On May 20, 2015, as part of EMS Week celebrations, ASM’s Kenya Russell received an EMS Champion Award from Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center. The award was conveyed to Kenya and Vernon Fire Department’s Jean Gauthier by Saint Francis EMS Coordinator John Quinlavin and EMS Medical Director Dr. Steve Wolf.

(L to R): John Quinlavin, Kenya Russell, Jean Gauthier, Dr. Steve Wolf.

Click to Enlarge. (L to R): John Quinlavin, Kenya Russell, Jean Gauthier, Dr. Steve Wolf.

The following is the content of the nomination for Kenya as submitted by ASM’s Stephanie Boutot:

I’d like to nominate my friend, co-worker Kenya Russell, paramedic at ASM. As a paramedic, she assesses each patient and treats them as the individual they are. She is very good at gaining a rapport, making them feel as comfortable as possible. With her amazing smile and contagious laugh, it is not uncommon to hear laughter as she cares for patients. Music is a great tool she uses and will offer to play whatever their favorite might be, even if not her favorite. I admire her strength, confidence, and ability to advocate for patients. She not only stands up for patients, she also stands up for herself earning respect from others.

Kenya is continuously learning about EMS from CMEs and from her calls, and consulting with other providers to improve her knowledge and care. Kenya is not only an amazing paramedic on the clock, but she has traveled abroad to experience other cultures and assist in their healthcare. And if that wasn’t enough, Kenya organized a support system for a friend and co-worker, playing a major role in starting up the Carolyn Edwards Foundation to help Carolyn as well as continuing the support efforts for others EMSer’s in need.

Three ASM Medics Complete Fundamentals of Critical Care Support

Boston Medflight FCCS

Photo courtesy of Boston MedFlight

BOSTON — Kenya Russell, Mike Levasseur and Greg Derosier attended the Fundamentals of Critical Care Support (FCCS) course on July 18th and 19th. Hosted by Boston MedFlight at Hanscom Air Force Base, FCCS was developed by the Society of Critical Care Medicine to help prepare health care personnel to manage critically ill patients for the first 24 hours or until care has been transferred to a tertiary care center or proper consultation can be arranged.

FCCS has been completed by MD’s, RN’s, and Paramedics enabling them to better prioritize the assessment and manage significant changes in the unstable patient. ASM would like to thank Boston MedFlight for their hospitality. Additional information regarding this course may be found at www.sccm.org or for this and other great training opportunities visit www.bostonmedflight.org.

Praise for ASM’s Kenya Russell and Stephanie Boutot

ASM's Stephanie Boutot

ASM’s Stephanie Boutot

MANCHESTER – In June 2013, ASM received a Patient Satisfaction Survey related to an emergency response performed by ASM crewmembers Kenya Russell and Stephanie Boutot. The patient completed the survey and checked all of the Strongly Agree boxes and wrote in the word “Awesome”  to describe the service.

Additionally he hand wrote the following:

ASM's Kenya Russell

ASM’s Kenya Russell

“Kenya and Stephanie were caring and professional and friendly and awesome. Stephanie was a great driver who got us through rush hour traffic quickly and safely. Kenya was a wonderfully caring person who put me at ease while taking care of me. I cannot say enough good things about these ladies! I would like to thank them personally!”

– [Patient, 13-37006]

ASM Visits Manchester’s Nike Tykes Preschool

manchester.nike.tykes.preschoolMANCHESTER — On April 26, 2013 ASM Paramedic Kenya Russell and AEMT/FTO Stephanie Boutot visited Manchester’s Nike Tykes Preschool. Kenya and Stephanie gave an age-appropriate talk to the students about what EMTs and Paramedics do and when to call 911. They passed out ASM coloring books and gave a tour of the ambulance.