Patient Thanks ASM Crew in Person

MANCHESTER- In mid-July, a patient recently treated by Paramedic Matt Traber, EMT Tracy Luetjen and student observer Briyanna Decaprio visited Ambulance Service of Manchester’s Headquarters after sending in the following request.

“I was in [an accident recently] after having a [medical emergency]. [I so badly want to meet the crew who responded to thank them]. My memory is so spotty and I was completely out of it but I can vaguely remember faces. What I will absolutely never forget was how incredibly compassionate everyone was.”

“I met the crew who helped me today and couldn’t be any more grateful for having the chance to do so. You guys are the best!! Thanks for all you’ve done for me and all you do for everyone else in the community.”

Photo and quotations appear with permission.

A Special Note…

SOUTH WINDSOR – In early August, The Ambulance Service of Manchester received a hand written thank you note addressed to Paramedic Genevieve Geres and EMT Tracy Luetjen. The note, as depicted below, is in regards to a transport completed a few weeks prior.

I am ever so grateful for your patient, reassuring help on a very frightening morning for me. At every turn, you did not demean or minimize my experience. I truly felt I had competent advocates at my side.

High Praise for ASM’s Josh Traber and Tracy Luetjen

Ambulance Service of Manchester: Josh Traber

ASM’s Josh Traber

MANCHESTER — On August 10, 2014 ASM’s Josh Traber and Tracy Luetjen responded to a 911 call in one of the towns that ASM serves. One to two weeks after the transport the patient was randomly selected to receive a Patient Satisfaction Report.

The patient marked Strongly Agree for all 15 categories answered within the survey. When asked to use or word or phrase to describe the crew the patient wrote: Professional competent Life Savers!

The patient went on to write, “I credit the entire team from ASM with saving my life. I especially thank Josh for staying in command with a calm effective professional demeanor. I appreciate that he listened carefully to me and took action to east my discomfort. He kept me informed all the way through even though to most people it may have appeared that I was losing the ability to communicate due to the pain. My diagnosis was life threatening and I am thankful every minute for all the team did to get me to the emergency room quickly and safely.”

ASM's Tracy Luetjen

ASM’s Tracy Luetjen

The patient went on to say that in triage, “Tracy remained calm and was able to help keep me focused. By having a simple conversation I flet like he cared and he kept me from “panic mode.” I am grateful to be alive! Thank you Josh, thank you Tracy!”

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