A Special Note!

MANCHESTER – In early April, The Ambulance Service of Manchester received a hand written thank you letter addressed to EMT’s Mike Sparks and Stacy DeBarge. The note, as depicted below, is in regards to a transport completed a few months prior.


I would like to thank the young lady and gentleman who assisted me to the ER this past February. They were soothing, gentle, and very knowledgeable. I needed a “life LOL,” and their combined grace and joy did just that for me. Thank you again.

Kudos from the Cath Lab: Volume 15

EMS team receives Kudos from the Cath LabGLASTONBURY — During July 2015, ASM Paramedic Joshua Traber and his partner Supervisor Michael Sparks responded to a medical call in Glastonbury with Glastonbury Ambulance. The EKG was indicative of a STEMI and Josh wirelessly transmitted the 12-lead EKG to Saint Francis Hospital, activating their cardiac catherization lab from the field. (#15-53809).

SFH Cath Lab Patient Follow-Up Form Treatment by EMS and Direct to SFH ED

EMS Agency: Ambulance Service of Manchester & Glastonbury Vol Ambulance

Indication: STEMI

First Medical Contact (FMC) (at pt side)                           14:09          elapse:  00:00

EMS 12 Lead Acquisition Time:                                           14:17          elapse: 00:08

EMS STEMI Alert Request Time (source: cmed):                14:38        elapse: 00:21

EMS 12 Lead Transmit Rec’d Time (source: Lifenet):        14:37          elapse: 00:20

Arrival Time (SFHED):                                                            14:46          elapse: 00:09

Cath Lab Arrival Time (SFH):                                              15:37          elapse: 00:51

Procedure Start Time:                                                             15:46          elapse: 00:09

First Device Time:                                                                  16:07          elapse: 00:21


SFHED Door to First Device:                                                81 min

FMC to First Device:                                                              118 min

Vessel Angiography Findings / Treatment:100% LAD and 80% RCA lesions; LAD open and stented. IABP required. NOTE: delay to PCI due to CTSCAN  to r/o aortic aneurysm-family history.

Kudos from the Cath Lab: Volume 12

Aetna Paramedic receives Kudos from the Cath LabHARTFORD — During April 2015, ASM Paramedic Supervisor Matt Tuttle and his EMT partner, Supervisor Mike Sparks, responded to a medical call in South Windsor. The EKG was indicative of a STEMI and Matt wirelessly transmitted the 12-lead EKG to Saint Francis Hospital, activating their cardiac catherization lab from the field. (#15-24713).

Matt Tuttle

ASM’s Matt Tuttle.

“Nice job, Matt. Thanks for calling early.”

         – John Quinlavin, EMS Manager, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

Additionally the patient returned a Satisfaction Survey with every one of the 21 boxes checked Strongly Agree or Excellent. In a follow-up phone call he said that Matt should be commended, that he was “absolutely fantastic”, caring and took the time to explain everything as it was happening. Further, he said, “I have nothing but good things to say about your service.”

Vessel Angiography Findings/Treatment:  100% thrombotic occlusion of Distal RCA; hypotensive, required Dopamine, ejection fraction 55%.

Comments: onset 20 min PTA dispatched 0822; EKG transmitted on scene to ED & med control contacted prior to departure; left scene @ 0840 (South Windsor location)- in ED pt remained on EMS stretcher then to cath lab.

SFH Cath Lab Patient Follow-Up Form

EMS Agency: ASM 

Indication: STEMI

First Medical Contact (FMC) (at pt side) Time:  08:28           elapse:  00:00

EMS 12 Lead Acquisition Time:                          08:32           elapse: 00:04

EMS STEMI Alert Request Time (source: cmed):      prior to dept.       elapse: 00:01

EMS 12 Lead Transmit Rec’d Time:                  08:36           elapse: 00:04

Arrival Time (SFHED):                                        09:01           elapse: 00:25

Cath Lab Arrival Time (SFH):                             09:17           elapse: 00:16

Procedure Start Time:                                         09:26           elapse: 00:09

First Device Time:                                                09:33           elapse: 00:07


SFHED Door to First Device:                                                 32 min     

FMC to First Device:                                                              65 min

Rockville Ram Sends Thank You Card for Ride Along

As part of an ongoing partnership, three Rockville Rams spent February 7, 2013 “learning by doing” by riding-along with EMTs from the Ambulance Service of Manchester. They learned first-hand whether a career in medicine, or specifically a career in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is right for them. The following was excerpted from a thank you card:

Rockville High School Job Shadow - Ambulance Service of ManchesterDear Mike and Mike (Supervisors Sparks and Panciera):

I want to thank you so much for your time with me on my job shadow day. Sitting in the ambulance, being able to watch what you guys do, and seeing how you guys car for other people was amazing. You two are such caring and great people.

I would love to learn more and become an EMT. I think each and every EMT is great because they are the first line of defense in caring for someone’s life. I wish the best to you guys.

Thanks again,

[Student T.P.]