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Photo Credit: Jim Michaud

East Hartford – On Tuesday, October 11th, a Piper PA 34 aircraft (information provided by the F.A.A.) crashed on the 400 block of Main Street in East Hartford prompting a whirlwind of news coverage. The above picture was released on the US News and World Report website later that evening.

Working alongside East Hartford and Pratt and Whitney Fire departments, in conjunction with East Hartford Police, The Ambulance Service of Manchester responded to the scene with a total of 5 ambulances and an Operations Supervisor vehicle.  Two patients were transported with ASM and East Hartford Fire Paramedics to area hospitals.

Ambulance Service of Manchester does not publish pictures of patients or their family members.  This picture was published by The US News and World Report.



ASM Responds: Worker burned after explosion at Connecticut Natural Gas

WFSB 3 Connecticut

By Joseph Wenzel IV, News Editor

EAST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) –Connecticut Natural Gas employees were evacuated after a small explosion and fire was reported near the building in East Hartford on Wednesday afternoon.

The small explosion was reported in an outbuilding on Meadow Street, which is used to fill natural gas trucks around 12:30 p.m. The building is in a parking lot and away from other buildings.

The fire chief said a mechanic was filling a truck when a compressor exploded and created a small fire along with the explosion. The worker’s hands and head were burned and the explosion caused the panels of the building to partly pop off.

“It sounded like a dumpster and then all the emergency crews showed up,” said Lucie Wilson of East Hartford.

Sources told Eyewitness News that the explosion shook the building.

The outbuilding holds three gas tanks, all used to fuel the company’s natural gas powered vehicles.

“That system has been in place … CNG uses natural power gas and this is the first time we’ve ever run across an incident like this,” Fire Chief John Oates said.

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Born Rolling Down I-84

Reunited two months after Kyra Deschene's birth on I-84, (l-r) Jamie and Andy Deschene, ASM paramedic supervisor Beth Sheils, holding Kyra, and ASM emergency medical technician Julie Bissell. (Jesse Leavenworth/The Hartford Courant)

Reunited two months after Kyra Deschene’s birth on I-84, (l-r) Jamie and Andy Deschene, ASM paramedic supervisor Beth Sheils, holding Kyra, and ASM emergency medical technician Julie Bissell. (Jesse Leavenworth/The Hartford Courant)

By Jesse Leavenworth


MANCHESTER — Andy and Jamie Deschene had to make a quick decision on the night of Sept. 5.

Pregnant with her second child, but not due to deliver until Nov. 9, Jamie Deschene, 30, was having labor contractions when she called Andy at work and told him to hurry home. A doctor at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford told the couple that if they could make it to the hospital from their Bolton home in 20 minutes, they could drive. If not, the physician advised, call an ambulance.

Jamie’s water had not broken, and the Deschenes decided to drive. Her water broke on I-384 near the Spencer Street exit.

Soon after, the infant’s feet emerged, and the couple were faced with a potentially dangerous breach birth in their car. Andy pulled off on Exit 56 of I-84 and called 911. The off-ramp was soon bustling with state troopers, East Hartford firefighters and medics from Ambulance Service of Manchester.

Pregnant herself, ASM emergency medical technician Julie Bissell had answered four or five maternity calls within the past month. Each patient’s due date was closer than the one before, Bissell said. On the last call before the Deschenes’ emergency, the woman’s water broke on the ambulance stretcher.

Andy Deschene made his 911 call at 7:42 p.m. Within minutes, East Hartford firefighter/paramedic Tamarah Collins and firefighter Judith Geier joined Bissell and ASM paramedic supervisor Beth Sheils at the scene. They secured Jamie Deschene for transport and headed to Hartford. Read the rest of the story here…

ASM in Motorcade and on Standby During Vice Presidential Visit

EAST HARTFORD — On August 20, 2014, two crews from ASM assisted with Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Connecticut by being part of the motorcade and standing by at Goodwin College in East Hartford. Pictures are attached, care of Dan Hammett and Jason Bak. A special thanks to East Hartford Fire Department for their partnership.

ASM Responds: Crash involving school bus reported in East Hartford

Photo courtesy of WSFSB

Photo courtesy of WFSB

By Steven Yablonski, Managing Editor – WFSB


(Read the original WFSB article here) A crash involving a school bus was reported in East Hartford on Wednesday morning.

Few details about the crash have been reported, but officials said the crash was reported along Forbes Street before 8:30 a.m.

Officials with the Ambulance Service of Manchester said it sent four ambulances to the scene, and brought eight people to local hospitals.

ASM officials said six were brought to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, one was brought to St. Francis Hospital and another to Manchester Memorial Hospital.

All injuries were described as “minor”. No other information was released by officials.

ASM Responds: East Hartford Apartment Fire

EAST HARTFORD— Residents of an apartment on Ellington Road leapt from their windows into the waiting arms of firefighters to escape from a three-alarm blaze early Tuesday.

A dozen people, including three firefighters, were injured, officials said. Five people were hurt, one severely, when they jumped from their windows. Residents of 38 units have been sent to the North End Senior Center on Remington Road.  Read the Courant/Fox CT article here…

East Hartford Apartment Fire- Ambulance Service of Manchester

Photo Courtesy of Hartford Courant – Fox CT

ASM Responds: Motor Vehicle in East Hartford

Photo Courtesy of the Journal Inquirer

Photo Courtesy of the Journal Inquirer

According to the Journal Inquirer: East Hartford emergency personnel work on a patient from a minor motor vehicle accident on Main Street early Saturday afternoon. The accident was quickly cleared up and didn’t affect traffic for long. (Jared Ramsdell / Journal Inquirer)