Aetna’s Sean Piscopiello Promoted to Operations Supervisor

HARTFORD — On February 6th, 2019 Aetna’s Sean Piscopiello was promoted to the position of Operations Supervisor. His remarkable dedication to both his patients and co-workers has been consistent throughout his career at Aetna Ambulance Service. He has developed into a role model for health care professionals and continues to positively influence everyone he interacts with.

Sean is 33 years old and spent four years in the Army as a Cavalry Scout with two deployments to Iraq. He became an EMT in 2008 and a Paramedic in 2013 and has worked full time on the road since. He is a graduate of Hartford Hospital’s Paramedic Program. He expressed his gratitude for the well-deserved promotion by stating the following:

I’m very excited to be Aetna’s newest Operations Supervisor and look forward to working with everyone as we continue to grow and produce a quality service.

On behalf of the Aetna family, we would like to congratulate Sean on his promotion and look forward to great things from him.

Praise for Aetna’s Sean Piscopiello and Nicholas Foran

Aetna Ambulance - Sean Piscopiello and Nicholas Foran

(L to R): Sean Piscopiello and Nicholas Foran.

WETHERSFIELD — In June 2013, Aetna received a Patient Satisfaction Survey related to an emergency response performed by Aetna Paramedics Sean Piscopiello and Nick Foran. The patient’s daughter completed the survey and checked all of the Strongly Agree boxes and wrote in the words “Respectful” and “Professional” to describe the service. Additionally she hand wrote the following:

“My mother lives with me. She woke up extremely short of breath. I am a nurse and check her lungs and vital signs frequently and did so right before calling 911. Ambulance personnel listened to what I had to say and made me feel like I was a part of the team! Thank you.”

– [Patient’s Daughter, 13-36724]

Cleared for Independent Dispatch: Aetna’s Sean Piscopiello Completes Precepting Phase

Sean Piscopiello - Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc.

(L to R): Hartford Hospital’s Greg Berryman and Sean Piscopiello

HARTFORD – As of April 5, 2013, Aetna’s Sean Piscopiello has been cleared by Hartford Hospital medical control for independent dispatch as a paramedic to the towns that Aetna serves.

The full precepting phase can take ten to 12 weeks or more as the paramedic is prepped for the realities of the field. As with all precepting phases at Aetna, Sean’s final approval came from Hartford Hospital via Greg Berryman after shadowing Sean and his preceptor in the field as they responded to emergency calls.

Sean is 27 years old and spent four years in the Army as a cavalry scout with two deployments to Iraq. He became an EMT in 2008 and has worked full time since then. He is a graduate of Hartford Hospital’s Paramedic Program.

On behalf of the Aetna Family, we would like to wish Sean the best of luck and say we are very proud to have such skilled professionals on staff. Continue reading

Praise from Hartford Fire Department

Hartford Fire Department - Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc.Hartford Fire Department

Department of Fire Service, Engine 8

March XX, 2013

To: Edward Casares, Jr., Chief of Department

Occasionally an email is sent out by the Department asking if members performed exceptionally well at an incident. Today E-8 has such an event. So I would like to advise you of it as well as let you know that the medics themselves arrived to quarters to express their gratitude for our assistance.

The call was for an unresponsive patient. FireHouse documents the particular actions taken. But in essence: E-8 was first on scene, confirmed pulselessness and no respirations, full CPR w/ BVM begun, then assisted Aetna units as they started ALS care. Our collaborative efforts produced a heart rhythm and blood pressure, [Hospital] received the patient, and [he/she] is admitted.

I would like to express my gratitude to the members of Aetna Unit 226: Mike Glazier, EMT, and Sean Piscopiello, Paramedic. As well as the EMTs of the second Aetna unit: Terry Perry, EMT and Ryan Houser, EMT.

Respectfully submitted,

Engine 8, C Tour